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Help Children in Crisis
Children are the most vulnerable when violence, famine, or disaster strikes. But you can be there for them with your additional pledge of $7 per month!

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  • Gifts by Price
  • Animals
  • Clean Water
  • Education
  • Eternal Impact
  • Exponential Impact
  • Food + Farming
  • Health
  • Under $50
  • $50 - $150
  • Above $150

Give essentials in the emergency response kit: a lighter, shovel, flashlight, rescue ropes, first-aid supplies, more.

Give maize seeds for planting to provide nutritious harvests for a family and income from sales.

Fish Farming

$ 120

Gift a small fish farm and training to build and maintain a pond. Fish provide protein and income.

Provide the Gospel message to a whole family of children in colorful Bible story book form.

Provide essential hygiene items to a child in need. Includes: soap, combs, toothbrushes, and more.


$ 6

Ducks provide protein-rich meat and eggs, and reproduce easily to provide quick income at the market.

Sewing machines empower women to learn valuable skills to earn income and support their families.


$ 655

Give a family a cow for milk to drink, income from surplus, manure for crops, and calves to sell!

New pipes through a water pipeline delivers clean water directly into a family’s home any time with the turn of a faucet!

2 Chickens

$ 20

Eggs from two chickens provide protein for growing children daily. Surplus eggs are sold at market.

Chicken of the Month Club

$ enter custom amount

Give chickens chickens to families in need monthly this year, providing nutritious eggs and a boost to business.

Female dignity kits help young women stay in school or continue vital work, providing a brighter future.

Eliminate bacteria and parasites to provide safe drinking water for an entire community in need with a water purification system.


$ 60

Sheep provide a family milk and meat, manure for farming, wool for clothes, and lambs to sell.

Keyhole gardens maximize harvests in a small space. Your generosity helps reduce food insecurity.

Your gift of a donkey with cart will help families take more to the market, saving time, and increasing their income.

Your gift of tree seedlings will grow into fruit-bearing trees to provide nutritious fruit for a family and more to sell at market.

Give seeds to grow nutrient-rich vegetables, providing food for children and income for families.

Farm Tools

$ 30

Give farm tools – a shovel, watering can, saw, sickle, and hoe to improve a farmer’s harvest.

Chicken Farm

$ 165

Give a family in need a chicken farm for food and income. Includes coop, chickens, rooster and feed.


$ 68

Give hungry families a goat to provide milk and meat — plus fertilizer to grow food.

When you buy the manger you’ll provide 10 chickens, 6 pigs, 4 goats, 2 sheep, 1 cow.

Water filters shield children from parasites and bacteria, making any source of water safe to drink.

Water Tank

$ 627

Help a community collect and store rainwater for drinking, irrigating, cooking, and cleaning needs with a water tank.

Provide an entire community the gift of clean water with a water well for drinking, cooking, and hygiene for years to come!

Provide textbooks so students can attend classes and break free from poverty through education.

Children can’t attend school in many places without uniforms. Provide a school uniform and keep a student in school!

With the gift of school supplies you'll provide books, pencils, erasers, and other supplies to help keep a child in school this year!

Give a child a real desk at school to help them learn, stay in classes, and break out of poverty.


$ 12

Provide a family with the Word of God. The Bible will be in the recipients' language.

Equip a young person with Discipleship/Christian Values Training to both live and lead by the fruits of the Spirit.

22x Match

$ enter custom amount

Through our partners, your donation is matched 22x to meet the desperate health and food needs of the most vulnerable.

Ultimate Impact Fund

$ enter custom amount

Your gift will be used to help where it is most urgently needed to bring about the greatest impact.

Emergency Disaster Relief

$ enter custom amount

This gift of any amount allows FH to make funds available immediately when disaster strikes.

Provide a child the gift of good health. Protect 500 children from the harm of parasitic worms from an entire year.

Clean Water

$ enter custom amount

Provide clean water to a community in need for drinking, bathing, cooking, and irrigation.

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