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Help Children in Crisis
Children are the most vulnerable when violence, famine, or disaster strikes. But you can be there for them with your additional pledge of $7 per month!

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I authorize Food for the Hungry (FH) to update the amount of the recurring electronic fund transfers (debits) from my account at the bank or financial institution currently on record and to initiate deposits (credits) for any withdrawals made in error. This authorization to debit or credit my bank account shall be the same as if I had personally signed a check or authorization to FH. This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until FH has received written or verbal notification from me of termination and FH has had a reasonable opportunity to act on it. To cancel service, please call FH at 1-866-307-3259 (toll free).
By making this change, I authorize Food for the Hungry to begin charging this new Credit Card or Bank Account each month until I notify Food for the Hungry otherwise.

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  • Gifts by Price
  • Agriculture
  • Animals
  • Clean Water
  • Education
  • Eternal Impact
  • Exponential Impact
  • Health
  • Under $50
  • $50 - $150
  • Above $150

Help families in vulnerable communities, who often struggle for the basics, celebrate special occasions.

Addresses a community's critical health needs when a health center is too far in an emergency.

Give the gift of education by helping construct new school classrooms and equip them for success.


$ 475

Cows produce milk for children to drink, income from dairy products and manure for farming.


$ 18

A gift of vitamins gives children and families access to essential nutrients.

Donate refugee kits to be distributed by local churches, expressing the gospel message.

A gift of medical insurance provides emergency care for 10 children.

Storybooks encourage young children to learn and practice new skills.

Give three communities water pipeline extensions in high demand areas.

Home Well

$ 100

Provide safe drinking water for a family in Bangladesh.


$ 14

Give the gift of nutrition by providing chickens to a vulnerable family.

Chicken of the Month Club

$ enter custom amount

Help families thrive with your recurring monthly gift of two chickens.

Provide a community with the tools they need to maintain their water pumps.

Help a family have access to clean water by protecting springs.

Provide hygiene products for girls to help keep them in school.

Ox Plow

$ 205

Give the gift of additional income to a family by purchasing an ox plow.

Provide clean water purification to vulnerable families and children.


$ 56

Give the gift of nutrition and income by providing a sheep to a vulnerable family.

Provide a keyhole garden for a vulnerable family to start a garden without owning a large plot of land.


$ 170

Provide a beehive and help vulnerable families rise out of poverty through beekeeping.

Help families grow a more abundant harvest through the gift of irrigation.

Provide emergency food to a family in crisis for one month.

Give the gift of additional income and transportation by providing a family with a donkey and a cart.

Guinea Pig

$ 30

Give the gift of nutrition by providing guinea pigs to a vulnerable family.

The gift that keeps on giving fruit year after year!

Provide vegetable seeds for a vulnerable family to start a garden.

Farm Tools

$ 27

Valuable supplies for rural families to grow good things to eat!

Chicken Farm

$ 620

A coop of chickens will provide a sustainable protein source, which can significantly improve the nutrition of vulnerable families!


$ 89

Pigs can provide a sustainable protein source, helping to fight malnutrition in children!


$ 65

Give the gift of nutrition by providing a goat to a vulnerable family.

Buy the Farm

$ 1309

A barn full of animals to improve nutrition and put income in family pockets.

Give the gift of clean water to a vulnerable family by providing a water filter.

Community Well

$ 16000

Give the gift of clean water to an entire community with a water well.


$ 4

Children's access to textbooks decreases their drop-out rate.

Help kids attend school with the gift of a school uniform.

Keep kids in school with the gift of school supplies.

Give kids a comfortable place to sit, write and study with a school desk.


$ 13

Give the gift of God’s Word translated in the recipient's own language.

Reach a child with a colorful, easy to understand Gospel message.

All that's needed, including a Bible, for kids to learn more about Jesus.

22x Match

$ enter custom amount

Through our partners, your donation is matched 22x to meet the desperate health and food needs of the most vulnerable.

Ultimate Impact Fund

$ enter custom amount

Your gift will be used to help where it is most urgently needed to bring about the greatest impact.

Where Needed Most

$ enter custom amount

This gift of any amount provides FH the flexibility to respond to urgent needs offering life-saving support.

Emergency Disaster Relief

$ enter custom amount

This gift of any amount allows FH to make funds available immediately when disaster strikes.

Provide 500 children with deworming medication that kills intestinal worms.

Provide 1,000 children with medication that kills intestinal worms.

Help communities keep kids healthy by keeping waste in its place.