Florence was returning from her first of six daily trips to the stream outside her village in Kenya. The water was contaminated, but it was all they had.

As she was walking with the heavy container balanced on her head, Florence lost her footing and fell forward. She landed hard on a jagged rock.

She was midway through her pregnancy.

Florence made it to a hospital a few hours later with her husband, but it was too late. The baby was dead, the victim of a tragic accident that never would have happened if Florence’s village had safe access to clean water.

Dirty, contaminated water leads to serious illness and even death. Every 20 seconds it takes the life of another child. Together, we can prevent needless deaths.

Don’t let water = death. Act now!

Water should not equal death — whether from a waterborne disease that takes a child’s life or a tragic accident while trying to collect it. Water should equal life.

You can help provide clean water for women like Florence and for children in impoverished villages around the world. And with a special matching grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other partners, your gift is multiplied 22 times to help even more!

Every $1 turns into $22. Give now.

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Share Florence's Story

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Every $1 you give turns into $22 to provide clean water and meet other critical needs in Jesus’ name.