AnimalsSee All Gifts

Dairy Cow $350item #10110

Dairy Cows provide milk for an entire family.

Pig $65item #10103

Pigs are a highly prized resource.

Clean WaterSee All Gifts

Watering Can $10item #10900B

A small watering can provides a big boon to family gardens.

Community Well $2326item #10900A

Help end physical drought for dozens of families!

Eternal ImpactSee All Gifts

Bible Study $60item #10400B

Plant God's Word in hearts

5 Bibles $35item #10400

Children and parents can feast on God's Word!

ultimate impact fundITEM #00100

Send your gift where it’s needed most!

  • Packs a powerful punch in the fight against hunger
  • Provides fast, flexible response to …
  • Emergencies and disasters
  • Life-saving support outreaches
  • Extends the love of Jesus Christ to the hardest
  • places to reach on earth

Can’t decide which item to give? Want God to use your gift for the greatest impact possible? Ultimate Impact Fund is the gift for you!