2 Guinea Pigs $12item #10101B

A small gift that makes a big difference for malnourished children

2 Rabbits $18item #10105

Rabbits are perfect for a growing business!

2 Chickens $28item #10117

When you give chickens, you give a dependable source of nutrition and income.

Share-A-Cow $50item #10110A

For families that can't afford the whole cow, they can now share a cow with other families.

Goat $70item #10106

Goats provide more than a half-gallon of milk EACH DAY!

Pig $200item #10103

Pigs are a highly prized resource.

Dairy Cow $431item #10110

Dairy Cows provide milk for an entire family.

Stock-a-Stable $789item #10101D

Help a farmer go from empty stables to a flourishing farm.