Cow Pies $10item #10124

Manure never smelled so good! Cow dung fertilizer makes family farms more productive.

Piglet $15item #10103

Small piglets that can grow into big income to fight family poverty!

Two Guinea Pigs $17item #10118

A small gift that makes a big difference for malnourished children.

Two Chickens $22item #10117

When you give chickens, you give a dependable source of nutrition and income.

Share-A-Cow $50item #10110A

Join with others to help provide a cow for a family.

Goat $87item #10106

A goat is never a baaaaaad choice, to help a family increase their income!

Dairy Cow $500item #10110

Dairy Cows provide milk for an entire family.

Stock-a-Stable $800item #10101D

A barn full of animals to improve nutrition and put income in family pockets.