School Supplies X2 $8item #10300A

A year's worth of supplies for a student includes pens, pencils, paper and required textbooks.

School Uniform $10item #50022

In many areas where we work, children are not allowed to attend school unless they have a uniform.

Sport Clubs for Twenty Children $15item #10675G

Help provide opportunity for children to join sports clubs and give the gift of fitness!

Teacher Training $18item #10675F

Provide an opportunity to teach the teacher with our training program.

Textbooks $25item #10675H

Access to textbooks decreases the drop-out rate for children.

School Desk $41item #50024

Help students now and for years to come by making it easier to learn.

Life-Changing School Fees $50item #50023

Help a poor family by paying a child's school fees for an entire year.

"I can go to School" Combo $64item #10675I

Help a sponsored child get a solid educational foundation!

Build or Renovate a Classroom $2424item #10675E

Help provide a valuable learning environment!