Plastic Shoes $3.50item #10111A

Footwear that protects kids against parasites.

Insurance Card $4item #10805

Each family receives a medical insurance card that gives them access to medical treatment.

Tippy Tap $12item #10129A

Help adults and kids alike keep their hands clean, and their bodies healthy with a tippy tap hand washing system.

Mosquito Net $13item #50025

Help a child sleep safely by protecting them from deadly malaria or dengue fever.

Four Hygiene Kits $20item #10107

Hygiene kits will improve the lives of children through proper grooming and the prevention of disease.

Deworm 500 Children $25item #10301B

A simple treatment can rid young bodies of intestinal worms that hijack precious nutrients.

Community Health Worker Kit $43item #10129C

Equip a community health worker to provide basic care, when health facilities are located a long distance away.

Safe Delivery Kit $50item #10851A

Help community health workers deliver healthy babies.

Hospital Bed $180item #10119

Hospital beds for women and their babies during labor and delivery.

Latrine $222item #10131

Help communities keep kids healthy by keeping waste in its place.

Emergency Medical Kit $247item #00800

Medicines to provide treatment in hard-to-reach communities.

H.E.A.R.T. Fund ITEM #50005 Print Gift Card Printer

This gift of any amount is used for the Health Emergency Action Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) and provides life-saving medical aid when there is a need for emergency care such as surgery.

Ultimate Gift Impact

Why This Matters

Traffic accidents....burns in the open kitchen fire...cuts with knives or bites....tragic diseases like cancer, heart conditions or kidney failure....all of these are reasons families may need help from FH. Medical costs for complex conditions can easily exceed a family's yearly income. The H.E.A.R.T. fund allows FH staff working directly in the community to respond swiftly and compassionately to families who think it's hopeless.