Mosquito Net for 2 Children $8item #50025

Help a child sleep safely by protecting them from deadly dengue fever.

Tippy Tap $10item #10129A

Provide a simple hand-washing station that dispenses water in just the right amount.

A Year's Worth of Vitamin A for 5 Children $25item #10130B

Prevent children in poor communities from going blind by providing this basic vitamin.

Rid 500 Children of Worms $25item #10301

A simple treatment can rid young bodies of intestinal worms that steal precious nutrients.

4 Hygiene Kits $32item #10107

Hygiene kits will improve the lives of children through proper grooming and the prevention of disease.

Deworm 1,000 Children $50item #10301A

For $50 you can help a community rid enough children to fill four schools.

Liquid Soap $50item #10129B

Clean hands save lives!