Spiritual Discipleship Training $37item #10420

Help children and families grow spiritually, too!

Water Purification Packets $37item #10900C

A simple way to purify water!

3 Bibles $36item #10400

Children and parents can feast on God's Word!

Farm Plot Irrigation $32item #10100B

Water entire farms in drought-prone countries!

Farm/Garden Tools $30item #10101C

Valuable supplies for rural families to grow vegetables!

Vegetable Seeds $29item #10126

Sow a seed of hope

2 Chickens $28item #10117

When you give chickens, you give a dependable source of nutrition and income.

Rid 500 Children of Worms $25item #10301

A simple treatment can rid young bodies of intestinal worms that hijack precious nutrients.

Beekeeping Tools $25item #10115

Help a family become beekeepers...

Water Purification Facility $20item #10900F

Clean water for thirsty communities

4 Hygiene Kits $20item #10107

Hygiene kits will improve the lives of children through proper grooming and the prevention of disease.

2 Rabbits $18item #10105

Rabbits are perfect for a growing business!

20 Food Tree Seedlings $15item #10102

Providing again and again, trees grow nutritious fruits like...

Nutributter Supplement $14item #10200B

Quick nutrition for malnourished kids.

Children's Bible $12.50item #10400A

Reach a child with a colorful, easy to understand Gospel message.

2 Guinea Pigs $12item #10101B

A small gift that makes a big difference for malnourished children

Mosquito Net $6item #50025

Help a child sleep safely by protecting them from deadly dengue fever.

School Supplies $4item #10300A

A pack of school supplies for a student includes pens, pencils, paper and required textbooks.

Plastic Shoes $2.50item #10111A

One of the best ways to protect kids from intestinal worms.