Matching Grants Any Amountitem #10910


Through our partners, your donation is matched 22x to meet the desperate health and food needs of the most vulnerable

Shipping Funds Any Amountitem #10912


FH is often gifted with critical life-saving medications and preventative vitamins for distribution into the communities we serve, but we need to ship them.

Ultimate Impact Fund Any Amountitem #00100


When an emergency strikes, FH seeks to respond to the desperate needs of those most impacted as quickly as possible. Make the Ultimate Impact by supporting this Fund!

Where Needed Most Any Amountitem #00102


This gift of any amount allows FH to distribute funds where they're needed most. This allows FH to have the flexibility to respond to urgent needs offering life-saving support.

Emergency Disaster Relief Any Amountitem #10600


This gift of any amount allows FH to make funds available immediately when disaster strikes.

H.E.A.R.T. Fund Any Amountitem #50005


This gift of any amount is used for the Health Emergency Action Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) and provides life-saving medical aid when there is a need for emergency care such as surgery.

Plastic Shoes $3.50item #10111A

Footwear that protects kids against parasites.

School Supplies $4item #10300A

Keep kids in school with the gift of school supplies.

Insurance Card $4item #10805

Each family receives a medical insurance card that gives them access to medical treatment.

20 Food Tree Seedlings $10item #10102

The gift that keeps on giving fruit year after year!

Cow Pies $10item #10124

Manure never smelled so good! Cow dung fertilizer makes family farms more productive.

School Uniform $12item #50022

Help kids attend school with the gift of a school uniform.

Tippy Tap $12item #10129A

Help adults and kids alike keep their hands clean, and their bodies healthy with a tippy tap hand washing system.

Mosquito Net $13item #50025

Help a child sleep safely by protecting them from deadly malaria or dengue fever.

Piglet $15item #10103

Small piglets that can grow into big income to fight family poverty!

Jerry Can $15item #10120

Give refugees a way to carry life-giving water.

Two Guinea Pigs $17item #10118

A small gift that makes a big difference for malnourished children.

Chubby Cheeks $18item #10200B

Help young kids beat malnutrition with a specially formulated supplement!

Four Hygiene Kits $20item #10107

Hygiene kits will improve the lives of children through proper grooming and the prevention of disease.

Water Purification Facility $20item #10900F

Give the gift of cool, clear and clean water to a community.

Two Chickens $22item #10117

When you give chickens, you give a dependable source of nutrition and income.

Farm/Garden Tools $25item #10101C

Valuable supplies for rural families to grow good things to eat!

Deworm 500 Children $25item #10301B

A simple treatment can rid young bodies of intestinal worms that hijack precious nutrients.

Beekeeping Tools $28item #10115

Beehives help students learn a valuable way to make money.

Vegetable Seeds $29item #10126

Sow a seed of hope.

Three Bibles $30item #10400

Put the Word of God in the hands of kids and adults.

Evangelism Discipleship Training $30item #10420

All that's needed, including a Bible, for kids to learn more about Jesus.

Savings Group Lock Box $30item #10560A

Help a savings group keep their hard-earned money safe and sound with a lock box.

Pastor Training $33item #10450

Materials, training, travel for a community leader to become trained in church/pastoral leadership.

Water Purification Packets $36item #10900C

A simple way to purify water.

Community Health Worker Kit $43item #10129C

Equip a community health worker to provide basic care, when health facilities are located a long distance away.

Vocational Training $46item #43225

Provide skills students can use to earn a living.

ULTIMATE IMPACT FUND ITEM #00100 Print Gift Card Printer

This gift of any amount allows FH to distribute funds where they're needed most. This allows FH to have the flexability to respond to urgent needs offering life-saving support.


Ultimate Gift Impact

Can’t decide which item to give? Want God to use your gift for the greatest impact possible? Ultimate Impact Fund is the gift for you!

Why This Matters

FH works in an unpredictable world, where weather, politics and ethnic conflicts can leave hundreds of thousands destitute. Your gift allows FH to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to respond where God calls us.