Fill the Hunger Gap $83item #10200A

Provide food when it's needed the most!

Goat $70item #10106

Goats provide more than a half-gallon of milk EACH DAY!

Keyhole Garden $55item #10550A

Help a family grow a garden, even when the soil is bad and water is scarce.

Vocational Training $55item #43225

Provide skills students can use to earn a living.

Water Filter $55item #10900E

Our water filters provide 500 gallons of clean water per day, removing harmful parasites and bacteria.

"I can go to School" Combo $54item #10675I

Help a sponsored child get a solid educational foundation!

Share-A-Cow $50item #10110A

For families that can't afford the whole cow, they can now share a cow with other families.

Life-Changing School Fees $50item #50023

Help a poor family by paying a child's school fees.

Deworm 1,000 Children $50item #10301A

For $50 you can help a community rid enough children to fill four schools.