Other Ways to Give

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)

Automate and simplify your giving with a Donor Advised Fund today!

If the complexity of managing your giving has taken all the joy out of supporting your favorite organizations, a Donor Advised Fund could be right for you!

A DAF works like a charitable checking account and allows you to make deposits in the form of cash, stocks and assets such as real estate and business interests.  Then with a few clicks, you can grant donations to all your favorite organizations and you receive one simple report to print for your tax filings.

By giving appreciated assets, you get even bigger tax advantages.

Create a culture of giving in your home by setting giving goals as a family and monitoring your success together over time.


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Learn More about Donor Advised Funds

Here's a great example about how Donor Advised Funds work.

Play Video from National Christian Foundation

Other Donor Advised Funds that support donations to Food for the Hungry include:


  • National Christian Foundation

  • Fidelity Charitable Fund

  • Schwab Charitable