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Meet Solen

Age: 10 | Male
Location: Cambodia
Birthday: January 03, 2005
Favorite activity: Jump Rope
Favorite school subject: National Language
Child ID: 1164120078
Meet Solen. In Cambodia, Solen would not have opportunities for education, clean water, stable food and access to medical help. For $35, you'll be helping us to work in Solen's community to provide these basic necessities. Solen needs your support, prayers and relationship. Become Solen's sponsor today.
  • Livelihood
  • Education
  • Health
  • Disasters




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Leyton Alexis


Isela Alison






Why Child Sponsorship With Food For The Hungry?

When you sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry, you join FH in walking with that child—along with the child’s family and community—as they move from struggling to thriving. Through consistent monthly support, letters and prayers—you and your sponsored child build a relationship that makes a lasting difference.

Your Child Is Blessed With:

  • Improved nutrition
  • Access to clean water to drink
  • A poverty-busting education
  • Life-changing training for parents on how to care for their children
  • Community projects to create a safe environment where children thrive
  • The knowledge that someone loves them and wants them to succeed
  • Hope for a better life

You're Blessed With:

  • The knowledge that YOU stepped in to help end poverty in the life of a child
  • The opportunity to communicate directly with the child you sponsor
  • Updated photos of the child and prayer requests from the community
  • Important reports of progress in the country where your sponsored child lives