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This team of dedicated staff is here to walk you and your church through each step as you define the best partnership for your congregation, fund projects, and even visit the field!

Randall Davey

Senior Director – USA

In the fall of 2015, Randall joined the leadership team of Food for the Hungry (FH) as a specialist in strategic partnerships. Randall is a public speaker, teacher, humorist, counselor, essayist and financial advisor. From 1975-2002, Randall served four different congregations as a pastor. Concurrent with those assignments, he was an adjunct professor at three universities in the U.S. and guest lecturer at colleges in Germany, Trinidad and Russia. As the president of a financial services firm in Washington, Randall has lectured to and worked with dentists and doctors as his primary focus. Randall dedicates 20 percent of his time to serving pastors, college professors and leaders of nonprofit organizations as well as their constituencies. Contact Randall via email.


Partner Development Specialist – USA

Heidi is a specialist in church relationships and in cross-cultural communication, bridging the U.S. Church in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Heidi has been serving churches with Food for the Hungry (FH) for over seven years. From 2007 to 2010, Heidi spent three years traveling to FH communities, gathering photos and stories from the field. Having visited over 12 countries, Heidi is well-traveled with great insight and cultural competency. Heidi calls Phoenix home and is currently studying at Hope International University, majoring in Human Development with a focus on Counseling. She enjoys being outdoors and loves to hike, camp, and spend quality time with her husband and adult children. Contact Heidi via email.


Manager – USA

Celeste has been with Food for the Hungry (FH) for over 14 years. She began her journey with FH in the rural areas of Bolivia where she supported microenterprise initiatives with local farmers, helping them to generate additional income for their families. She went on to serve a myriad of roles in Latin America, the Caribbean and the U.S., and most recently joined Strategic Partnerships.

Celeste met her husband, Joel, who also worked for FH in La Paz, Bolivia. With their son, they recently relocated to Phoenix in the fall of 2016. Celeste and Joel are passionate about using their gifts to serve the most vulnerable and educating partners about what it means to live in relationship with God, ourselves, others and creation. Contact Celeste via email.


Teams & Systems Coordinator – USA

Nikki is a specialist in teams and systems with Food for the Hungry (FH). She recently graduated from The University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Nikki previously worked as the Administrative Coordinator and Assistant to a young adult pastor where she helped build and run a growing young adult ministry for almost four years. Nikki first encountered FH as a volunteer in the artist program where she helped connect children to sponsors at local events. Having experienced mission work in Mexico and Haiti, Nikki found her call to join the fight against world hunger and her passion to help children living in poverty. In her spare time she enjoys quality time with her husband, music, spending time with people, and hanging out at coffee shops. Contact Nikki via email.

Carlos Nuñez

Field Liaison – Dominican Republic

Carlos previously served as the Short-term Teams Coordinator in Food for the Hungry (FH) Dominican Republic for three and a half years. Prior to that he was the Sponsor Relations Agent in his hometown of Los Botados, Dominican Republic where he was also an active volunteer. Los Botados is a former FH community where Carlos grew up as a sponsored child. He is honored to walk closely to strengthen church relationships with FH and he looks forward to helping make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable people. He lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In his spare time, he enjoys reading biography books, playing sports, and mentoring youth. Contact Carlos via email.

Amalia Toc

Field Liaison – Guatemala

Amalia previously served as the Short-term Teams Coordinator in Food for the Hungry (FH) Guatemala for five years. During this time, she acquired valuable experience while helping to implement FH programs. As a former sponsored child with FH, Amalia loves interacting with sponsored children and their sponsors, encouraging them to form a stronger relationship. She is honored to walk closely with you to strengthen your relationship with FH, and she looks forward to helping make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable people. She lives in Coban, Guatemala. In her spare time, she enjoys music, books and good movies. Contact Amalia via email.

Michael Mancari

Donor Relations Specialist – USA

Michael joined Food for the Hungry (FH) at the start of 2016 and is a specialist in FH donor relationships. He is thrilled to be part of such a dynamic organization that passionately pursues taking hope to the hardest of places. Since he was a child, he has always had an interest in reaching out to people around the world. The majority of his vocational life has been dedicated to pastoral ministry, other ministry endeavors and educational work. His heart for missions has taken him to 18 countries throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America. When he has time, he continues to enjoy public speaking, teaching and training, and inspiring others to great things. Michael and his wife serve in various ministries in their local church and they enjoy hanging out with each other and with their five children. Contact Michael via email.

Jeff Getz

Director – USA

In August 2016, Jeff joined Food for the Hungry (FH) as a specialist in strategic partnerships. Jeff has served as a pastor for 14 years and as a leader in urban missions for nine years. As a coach for church planters, Jeff led his denomination’s churches growth initiatives. In 2007, Jeff moved to New York City to establish a mobilization platform for church planting among the city’s least-reached people. He directed relief efforts, which funded the repair of various homes following Hurricane Sandy.

Jeff often speaks at leadership events, church conferences, college campuses and parenting seminars, but he especially enjoys motivating other parents to lead families-on-mission. His wife Christina and three daughters have each found their own unique ways to join causes of justice and mercy.He enjoys golfing, Penn State football, English literature and helping generous people do something ‘good and great’. Contact Jeff via email.

Kathy Feruglio

Planned Giving Coordinator – USA

Kathy has been with Food for the Hungry (FH) since 2013 as a specialist in planned and legacy giving. Every day offers her new opportunities to see how God has entrusted us to steward His assets in ways that honor Him. She feels blessed to be a part of an organization that values and offers spiritual formation to all staff members as we bring physical and spiritual transformation to the poorest communities in the world. She also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, pouring into them the love of Jesus. When she can, Kathy loves to go on personal retreats where she enjoys reading, quiet reflection, listening to God, and seeing Him in the beauty of His creation. Contact Kathy via email.

Juan Pablo Belmonte

Field Liaison – Bolivia

Juan Pablo has worked with church partnerships and short-term teams at Food for the Hungry (FH) for over six years. He believes deeply in FH’s vision, mission and values, seeking to live them out in every area of his life. As an experienced speaker, Juan Pablo can help motivate your church to minister overseas. He lives in La Paz, Bolivia, with his wife and four children. Contact Juan via email.

Debra Bower

Donor Relations Specialist – USA

Debra joined Food for the Hungry in March 2017, and serves on the Strategic Partnership team as a donor representative working from Chicago. Having spent the last 16 years living in England, Debra brings a unique experience to her role, working extensively with local churches supporting multiple giving initiatives including Food for the Hungry, UK. Combining her background in Human Resources from the hotel and convention industry, with her strong faith and call to serve those in need, she is blessed to work with the generous donors of Food for the Hungry.

Debra is married, has three sons, and enjoys music, sailing, cycling, and travel. She is extensively involved with local community charities, and is proud to now have the opportunity to serve such a strong and successful international organization in Food for the Hungry.

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