Children and families in crisis after a
deadly earthquake hits Indonesia.

Emergency — Indonesia Earthquake
Rush Life-Saving Aid to Victims

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Lombok late Sunday night.

  • At least 98 lives have been lost
  • Hundreds of people are injured
  • Over 20,000 have been displaced
  • Schools have been closed
  • The affected areas have been left without power

You can make a difference right now!

This earthquake has created a crisis situation for countless children and families — with life-or-death consequences.

Children and families desperately need food, water, shelter, and other emergency supplies right now.

Today, you can meet these urgent needs in Jesus’ name — and help save lives.

Please give a compassionate gift online right now to rush life-saving aid to those devastated by the earthquake in Indonesia. And please hurry!

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