Child Protection Policy

Food for the Hungry (FH) envisions all relationships restored, every child nurtured, and communities transformed. Unfortunately, abuse and exploitation of beneficiaries, especially children, is a very real and growing worldwide problem. Stories of abuse are in news headlines each day.

FH’s protection policy was created from our commitment to biblical values and will ensure the promotion of human rights, specifically protection from unintentional harm as well as deliberate abuse within FH and its partners. It is of utmost importance for us to take the steps necessary to prevent and respond to abuse.

When you communicate with your sponsored child, it is important that all communication flow through approved channels and is done in a way that is consistent with our protection policy. To read the protection policy in its entirety, please visit:

As a supporter of FH, we want you to share about your experiences with your sponsored child and community. But, we want to ensure that you communicate in a way that is safe for children and adheres to the protection policy.


How you can communicate about your sponsored child

Child from Africa

  Child from Africa

Today, I met my sponsored child, Joseph, in his community in Uganda.Joseph is a 10-year-old boy who captured my heart.I hope to come back to his community again in the future as this experience has been an incredible blessing, and one that I will never forget!

Please refrain from sharing the following information in a publication or online

  1. ►The full name and name of the child’s community, like La Paz, Bolivia. It’s alright to say Boliiva, but not the community’s name.
  2. ►The HIV/AIDS status of anyone in an FH community.
  3. ►Specific details about anyone in an FH community who has a history of sexual/physical abuse.

Avoid contacting sponsored child through social media

For your protection, as well as the protection of your sponsored child, please do not connect with your sponsored child via social media. Connecting via social media can create unintentional opportunities for outside parties to exploit and jeopardize the safety of your sponsored child.

Contact information

Please join Food for the Hungry staff in preventing and responding to abuse. If you have reason to believe your sponsored child has suffered abuse, please contact the FH Global HR Department at or call 1-888-222-1949.