Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia. Situated between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, it has more than 13,000 islands and is the world’s fourth most populous country, as well as the most populous Muslim-majority country. The world’s most populous island of Java contains more than half of the country’s population. Indonesia has vast areas of wilderness that support the world’s second highest level of biodiversity. The country has abundant natural resources like oil and natural gas, tin, copper and gold.

  • Capital: Jakarta
  • Population: 264 million
  • Language: Bahasa Indonesia
  • Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation in the world.

Our History in Indonesia

In 2004, FH began working in Indonesia after a tsunami killed 283,000 people. FH worked with devastated communities to help them rebuild their lives and homes. Since then, FH has focused efforts on long-term development work in agriculture, education and income generation.

Current Work

     Current communities:  19  |   Children sponsored: 5,563     

Church partnerships: 1


Pastor Multiplies Efforts to End Poverty

Indonesian Mother Flourishes with FH Garden

Helping Children Near and Far

Key Challenges

Around 18% of children in Indonesia are underweight | 64% of the rural population lives without healthy sanitation | about 10% of the population is Christian
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