Peru is a country in western South America. It is bordered in the north by Ecuador and Colombia, in the east by Brazil, in the southeast by Bolivia, in the south by Chile and in the west by the Pacific Ocean. Peru is an extremely biodiverse country with habitats ranging from the arid plains of the Pacific coastal region in the west to the peaks of the Andes mountains vertically extending from the north to the southeast of the country, to the tropical Amazon Basin rainforest in the east with the Amazon river. Because of its varied geography and climate, Peru has a high biodiversity with 21,462 species of plants and animals.

  • Capital: Lima
  • Population: 32.17 million
  • Language: Spanish and Quechua
  • Peru is the home of the famous Machu Picchu, an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains, above the Urubamba River valley.

Our History in Peru

In 1982, FH began working in Peru in response to flooding caused by El Niño and later began working in the capital of Lima by sponsoring soup kitchens, carrying out values-based activities with children, as well as an emergency food program emphasizing care for those with TB. In 1986, FH began its child sponsorship and community development programs. Since then, FH has focused efforts on long-term development work in communities across Chepen, Lima, Pucallpa, Chincha and Huancavelica.

Current Work

     Current communities:  141  |   Children sponsored: 7,143

 Church partnerships: 1


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Key Challenges

35% of women have reported suffering physical or sexual violence | 20.7% of the population lives under the poverty line | More than half of Peruvians in rural areas live in poverty
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