A Sponsor Story of Impact

The impact you make as a sponsor is holistic. Not only are you helping meet the physical needs of your sponsored child, but you are investing in their spiritual well-being and development. Each child has their own story, one that you are impacting every day through your sponsorship.

Here are a few stories that confirm the work God is doing through sponsors like you!

Moises & The Bauchiero Family

"The bigger gift is the impact Moises has made on our life and our children's lives."
-Ryan Bauchiero

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Yasmine’s Story


Living in rural Guatemala, Yasmin and her family are healthier because of Child Sponsorship.

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Melany’s Story


Melany and her family benefit from programs that teach about the terrible impacts of domestic abuse and violence.

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Galgallo’s Story


Galgallo’s father died young, but through Child Sponsorship Galgallo is able to stay in school and his mother is earning a living wage.

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Amalia’s Story


Many years ago, a child sponsor decided to sponsor a little girl named Amalia in rural Guatemala. Today, Amalia works as Food for the Hungry staff to serve and love other children in need in her community!

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