Give a gift with an eternal impact by providing three people with Bibles. These Bibles are translated into the recipient’s native language, making it easy to read and understand.



  • Giving a Bible as a gift is a way to impact someone eternally and satisfy their spiritual hunger.
  • The gift of a Bible has long-term impact, not only on the person who receives it, but also for their church and community.
  • Since FH teaches lessons that are based on biblical values, a Bible is a great way supplement those lessons and deepen someone’s relationship with God.
  • Reading the Bible reminds those we work with that God loves them and cares for them.
  • Reading the Bible helps the recipient in their literacy efforts.


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ITEM #10400

A Story of True Impact

Avegail is a 10-year-old girl who lives in the Philippines with her mother and two older siblings. Her father is a laborer who works overseas. As a part of her participation in lessons with FH staff, she has been memorizing Bible verses, singing praise songs, and learning to pray, which she says is life changing. Her mother even recognizes changes in her behavior. She used to speak unkindly to her classmates and cause trouble, but now she values a good relationship with others.

She’s loving and respectful to her mother and she apologizes when she’s acted poorly. She’s always ready and willing to help clean up her home along with other duties her mother gives her. A Bible has been instrumental in Avegail making this spiritual transformation. She’s able to learn more about God and His plan for her life. She’s also setting an example and teaching others around her these important lessons.