Provide 500 children with deworming treatments that can keep them healthy for up to six months. This treatment rids the body of intestinal parasites that are contracted through dirty water, lack of sanitation, harmful hygiene practices and walking barefoot.




ITEM #10301B


  • When children have intestinal worms, they’re stripped of vital nutrients that help them stay healthy.
  • Since intestinal worms cause discomfort and pain, deworming children can dramatically improve their quality of life.
  • The worms can cause children to become sick and miss school regularly. Children who take the deworming medicine have higher school attendance and long-term graduation rates.
  • Reducing worm infections among individual children decreases transmission rates for the whole community, multiplying the effects of the treatments.

A Story of True Impact

Belack is a 7-year-old boy living in Burundi with his mother, father and three siblings. From a very young age, his parents knew that he wasn’t healthy. He often refused to eat, even when he had been without food for long periods of time. He was nauseous and had frequent diarrhea. He often had to stay home from school. Then friends like you sent FH into Belak’s community with deworming medicine.

Belack’s father attended a campaign organized by the Ministry of Health and heard from FH staff about the benefits of deworming. He registered his son and brought Belack to the deworming sessions. After taking the medicine, Belack started eating again. He no longer complained about pain and he’s happy that he no longer has to miss school.