Early Childhood Educational Toys


This gift will provide toys that stimulate awakening and improvement of the sensory, motor, psychosocial, cognitive, and language systems of children in early childhood (up to 4 years old). According to the World Health Organization, development in early childhood is the basis of human development and is key to success in a child long-term. This gift will allow mothers and fathers to encourage their children to reach their God-given potential.

Countries: Nicaragua, Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda




  • If children are able to learn a variety of development skills early in life, they’re likely to be more successful in school.
  • Academic achievement means that children who grew up in vulnerable communities have a better chance of escaping poverty.
  • Playing also helps strengthen family relationships in the home.









A Story of True Impact

Anabel is a 23-year-old woman who lives in Nicaragua with her husband and their 5-year-old daughter Jilmar. Before FH began working in her community, Anabel noticed that Jilmar wasn’t keeping up with other children her age. She didn’t know what to do and thought that it was just her own child’s disinterest in learning. But then FH began offering training on early childhood development in Anabel’s community. She learned about the importance of her daughter’s development in the first five years of her life. She learned about early stimulation, school readiness, and how to develop Jilmar’s emotional, literacy, and numerical skills will help her later in life. 

Anabel also began to understand how she could help maximize Jilmar’s potential by helping her at home and creating a peaceful learning environment. The family began playing learning games at home and building educational toys with materials they could find. Today Jilmar is one of the best students in her class and her family relationships have improved.

Anabel said, “I am very happy because I know that thanks to the development my daughter has had, Jilmar can continue to develop to her maximum potential, which God has given her. It will allow her to succeed in her elementary school, then in her higher studies so that when she grows, she can contribute to the transformation of our community.”