Give a goat to a vulnerable family. Goats provide meat, dairy, and hides, as well as fertilizer for vegetable gardens, helping to fight malnutrition in children. Since goats are able to withstand harsh climates, reproduce easily and don’t take up much room, they make a great livestock gift.





ITEM #10106


  • Goats provide manure rich in potassium, nitrogen and other nutrients vital for growing a successful garden.
  • Healthy vegetables are essential in the fight against malnutrition, especially in children under 5 years old.
  • Families can sell extra crops from their garden in the market, providing additional income for school fees and other needs.
  • Goat manure is also a sustainable fuel for fires, which provides heat for homes and for cooking.
  • Goats also provide milk for families that is rich in calcium, helping children to grow up healthy.
  • Goats reproduce easily and can be sold for additional family income.

A Story of True Impact

Jaecel is an 18-year-old girl who lives in the Philippines. Her family used to struggle for their basic needs as her parents were without a stable income. Her father was an on-call welder, but his jobs were not dependable. The family’s diet lacked protein and they were often unable to pay for school supplies for their children. Then a friend like you gave Jaecel and her family two goats!



The family was able to breed their goats and sell them for income and pay for school supplies for all three of their children. They were also able to pay college tuition for Jaecel, now in her second year studying engineering. Today, the family has 11 goats helping the family improve their home, have a stable income, and access to vital nutrition in their diets. They hope that their other children will also attend college and have a bright future.