A sheep can provide an amazing source of income for vulnerable families. Their wool can be sold or spun into clothing or blankets to sell at the market. They also create rich, organic fertilizer to improve fruit and vegetable harvests, which help fight malnutrition in children. In addition to receiving sheep, farmers will also learn improved ways to protect their soil, deal with pests, and obtain higher quality seed. They’ll also learn how to manage water, providing irrigation in the dry highlands where they live.





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  • When families have access to nutrient-rich fertilizer for their home gardens, they can produce more fruits and vegetables.
  • Families are able to eat a variety of foods, which would otherwise be unaffordable.
  • The quality fruits and vegetables mean that the children in the family are no longer malnourished and can attend school regularly.
  • Sheep also provide another source of income through their wool. Families who have sheep are able to make a variety of items to sell and now have even more income to cover household needs like school fees and medical care.

A Story of True Impact

Fanta is a single mother who lives in Ethiopia with her five children. Through the livestock program, FH identified Fanta and her family as among the most vulnerable in her community as a single female head of household. Before FH started working in her community, Fanta didn’t earn enough income to feed all of her children. Fanta received four sheep and training that included financial literacy, business administration, and production and management of small livestock.



She was able to breed her sheep and now she has seven. The training and financial literacy classes also taught her how to save for her children’s education. Today, each member of her family is well fed and Fanta is confident all of her children will attend school when they’re ready. Fanta hopes to purchase a cow soon. She said, “I feel like I just started living.”  Fanta is excited to use her own education and opportunity to change her children’s lives and future.