Give a family two chickens that can be used to improve their lives. Chickens provide a sustainable source of protein through their daily eggs, significantly improving the nutrition of children. Since chickens are easy to raise and multiply quickly, families can earn an additional income by selling eggs or chicks in the market.





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  • Chickens provide vulnerable families with a sustainable source of protein. Their daily eggs give families a way to benefit from the animal long-term.
  • Adding additional protein to a child’s diet dramatically reduces malnutrition, helping them grow physically and mentally.
  • Children who aren’t hungry are able to focus on their education, which gives them opportunities to rise out of poverty. Since malnutrition severely limits a child’s cognitive development, adding protein to her or his diet improves problem solving skills and creativity.
  • Families can also sell their eggs in the market for additional income, which can be used for tuition, medical expenses and other needs.

A Story of True Impact

Rilda Arispe is a 5-year-old girl who lives in Bolivia with her 4-year-old sister Noelia, her mother Paulina, and her father Carlos. The family lives in one of the municipalities with highest rate of malnutrition in Bolivia. The closest city to them is several hours by bus, therefore their access to food and other goods is limited. The family had a vegetable garden, but still struggled to feed their family a healthy diet, as they didn’t realize their daughters also needed protein to grow. Then friends like you gave the family two chickens.

Now, every morning Rilda and Noelia collect eggs from the family chickens and their mother prepares them for breakfast. FH also helped the family to make their garden more successful through training and technical assistance. They also helped the family install a 1,000-liter water tank to store water, irrigate the vegetables, take showers and clean the house. Rilda’s mother also participates in health trainings, where she learns about different topics to keep her daughters healthy. Now Rilda and Noelia are growing up strong.

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