Provide a vulnerable family with life-changing access to clean water with a Sawyer Point One Water Filter. Families can filter water from any source without chemicals, electricity or pumps. The filter removes 99.9 percent of all harmful pathogens from water, such as salmonella, cholera and E. coli.


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  • When a family has access to clean water, their health dramatically improves, and children can attend school more regularly instead of walking long distances to get water or staying home sick.
  • Access to clean water also allows women to spend more of their time generating income and caring for their families.
  • 1 out of 10 childhood deaths were due to diarrhea in 2015, mainly in low and middle-income countries, which is commonly due to lack of clean water.
  • Families are often forced to use water sources that are contaminated by animals and used for bathing. This poses a huge risk of waterborne diseases, putting children at the highest risk for illness and even death.
  • When families have clean water, they’re able to spend their income on food and education rather than on preventable medical expenses.

A Story of True Impact

Bo Chinda is a 14-year-old girl, who lives with her mother and five siblings in Cambodia. Her family’s living conditions used to be very poor. Her mother wasn’t able to provide for her family’s basic needs, including her children’s school expenses. Her family was often sick, suffering from diarrhea and the flu, which was caused by their environment and the condition of their drinking water. Her mother was often forced to spend her small income on medical care.  Then a friend like you helped Bo Chinda and her family get a water filter.

Now the family has clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Bo Chinda attends FH trainings to learn more about proper hygiene. She is practicing hygiene and sanitation at home and has taught her family to do the same. The family has a latrine and is keeping their home clean. Bo Chinda’s family isn’t spending their income on preventative medical care anymore and has been able to use it for other things like school supplies. As a result of the clean water, her mother has also been able to increase her income as a vegetable seller in the market.

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