Water Purification System


In the communities where we work, clean water is one of the biggest obstacles to overcoming extreme poverty. Dirty water causes a variety of health problems and diseases, including diarrhea, which can cause dehydration and even malnutrition. When families have access to water systems that provide clean water, their hygiene and health improve.





  • When a family has access to clean water, their health dramatically improves, and children can attend school more regularly instead of walking long distances to get water or staying home sick.
  • Access to clean water also allows women to spend more of their time generating income and caring for their families.
  • 1 out of 10 childhood deaths was due to diarrhea in 2015, mainly in low and middle-income countries, which is commonly due to a lack of clean water.
  • Families are often forced to use water sources that are contaminated by animals and used for bathing.
  • This poses a huge risk of waterborne diseases, putting children at the highest risk for illness, and even death.
  • When families have clean water, they’re able to spend their income on food and education rather than on preventable medical expenses.

A Story of True Impact

Madelin is a 13-year-old girl who lives in the Dominican Republic with her 8-year-old sister Mariana, aunt Anastacia, and uncle Martin. Before FH started working in their community, only a small number of people had access to clean water. Everyone else had to retrieve water from a local river that collected rainwater. Madelin and Mariana were often sick due to using contaminated water, resulting in several hospitalizations. One of the community’s main goals was providing a clean water system for everyone to use.

The community worked together with FH staff, and thanks to generous donors, they were able to build the system. Community members were trained in the best way to maintain the system, as well as health and hygiene. Today, Madelin and Mariana are healthy and are able to focus on school instead of fetching contaminated water. Anastacia said, “We are thankful to God and to FH because without them it would not be possible to have clean water in our community.”