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Teaching positive character traits is one of the most important tasks for parents, grandparents and educators. Some traits develop easier than others, and generosity can be one of the more difficult traits to instill in children.

In 7 Activities to Teach Your Child Generosity, a free eBook download from Food for the Hungry, you’ll discover ways you can not only to foster a heart of generosity in your children, but also learn about other cultures and how to help people in poverty. Together, you’ll do fun things like:

  1. Assemble a donkey cart to hold school supplies
  2. Create a paper guinea pig
  3. Bless a coffee lover in your life
  4. And so much more!

Each day includes detailed instructions and a short video to make the activity easy for you. Get started now building a heart of generosity into your children. Simply fill out the form below to begin your download.