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Help Children in Crisis
Children are the most vulnerable when violence, famine, or disaster strikes. But you can be there for them with your additional pledge of $7 per month!

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Your $38-a-month gift of child sponsorship is life-changing!


When you sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry, you join FH in walking with that child—along with the child’s family and community—as they move from struggling to thriving. Through consistent monthly support, letters and prayers—you and your sponsored child build a relationship that makes a lasting difference.


The Child Is Blessed With:

  • Improved nutrition
  • Access to clean water to drink
  • A poverty-busting education
  • Life-changing training for parents on how to care for their children
  • Community projects to create a safe environment where children thrive
  • The knowledge that someone loves them and wants them to succeed
  • Hope for a better life

You Are Blessed With:

  • The knowledge that YOU stepped in to help end poverty in the life of a child
  • The opportunity to communicate directly with the child you sponsor
  • Updated photos of the child and prayer requests from the community
  • Important reports of progress in the country where your sponsored child lives

Galgallo’s Story

Each child has a unique story. Through your child sponsorship you are impacting many aspects of a child’s life. Take Galgallo for example. He and his family are experiencing new opportunities to thrive because of child sponsorship!

Watch Galgallo's Story

Questions You May Have Before You Sponsor a Child

How long does sponsorship last?

The child you sponsor will remain in the program as long as they remain in school and in the community or when the community graduates. Your monthly donation helps to provide for that child during that month. Children in the child sponsorship program are between the ages of 5 and 21. Children who started school late may stay in the program until age 21. If the child graduates from the program, ages out, leaves the community or the community graduates, we will help you choose another child to sponsor.

Can I visit the child?

Yes. You are more than welcome to visit your sponsored child. Please give us a call to find out how this is possible.

How does FH select the communities?

Communities are selected based on greatest need and the willingness of the community to participate in their own development. FH is intentional about seeking out some of the world’s hardest places because that’s where the organization feels most called to serve.

How often will I hear about the child? And from the child?

The relationship between you and your sponsored child will grow and develop through regular communications. Once you have sponsored a child, you will receive a welcome package that includes information about the child, a letter from our president, and a video that will acquaint you with sponsorship. Throughout the year, you will also receive updates, prayer and praise requests from the area your sponsored child lives, activities, and a Christmas card from your sponsored child. Your letters represent hope to the child, so you are encouraged to write as often as you like and FH will translate on your behalf. As well, your sponsored child will respond to up to four letters he or she receives during the year.

Can I send gifts to my child?

Yes, but with limits. We welcome such gifts that can fit into a standard envelope, such as bookmarks, stickers and paper dolls, but cannot accept anything bigger. Elaborate gifts can set your child up for jealousy within the community, or even a feeling of dependency on you rather than their parents.

Does the money go directly to the child/family?

No. Your child sponsorship payments are leveraged with the donations of other sponsors to make your sponsored child’s community a healthier place to grow up. FH works with churches, leaders and families to develop transformational solutions to the community’s biggest obstacles. FH programs equip your sponsored child’s family to adequately provide for needs such as education, health and nutrition.

What does the $38 a month provide for the child?

Your sponsored child will have access to things like clean water, an education, improved healthcare and better nutrition. Your monthly pledge provides resources that empower the community to better care for its families and children.

Is this a real child/how many sponsors does each child have?

Child sponsorship a one-to-one relationship. FH connects a single child with a single sponsor. As long as you continue your monthly sponsorship, no one else will sponsor that child.

Can I have communication with my child?

Absolutely! We encourage you to write to your sponsored child. Through consistent monthly support, letters, and prayers…you and your sponsored child build a relationship that ministers to both of you. Your sponsored child’s community will also experience lasting change.

“Sponsorship was life-changing. It was like bringing light and hope into my heart.”