We are CHAMPIONS on the field.

We are CHAMPIONS on the stage.

We are CHAMPIONS of our families.


We are CHAMPIONS for those in need.

Jonathan Meeks and Anitra Hall

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Coty Sensabaugh

Pittsburgh Steelers

Michael Thomas

New York Giants

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Derrick Morgan

Tennessee Titans

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Jarvis Jenkins

Kansas City Chiefs

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Champions by FH is a collective of athletes who strive to impact the world beyond their sport. These athletes are committed to seeing extreme poverty END around the world. They are devoted to excelling on and off the field.


We are Champions for clean water. We are Champions for a world without hunger. We are Champions for the well-being of children everywhere. We are Champions of the poor and vulnerable.


Be a Champion.


Join us.



T: 800-248-6437

E: champions@fh.org