Project Donation

Each year, Food for the Hungry partners with the Sweathawgs to intentionally serve the Placer Bonito community in The Dominican Republic. Sweathawgs’ long-term commitment to this community helps to create the foundation for vulnerable families to become self-sustainable. FH and the Sweathawgs meet with community leaders to determine the most urgent needs and identify the best way to help overcome these obstacles. By funding Sweathawgs’ annual projects, supporters will be contributing to the physical and spiritual hungers of the Placer Bonito community. Your generous donations will go to serve the following areas:


The 2017/2018 Projects:

A Community Center: Community centers function as a common meeting place that would provide training for leadership, vocations, horticulture, business, computer skills, early childhood development, parenting and health and hygiene, in addition to church services and children’s Christian education.  

Latrines: Latrines are vital to the overall health of a community. Each year we provide for the construction of 10 latrines. 

Christian Education: Early Christian education contributes to the spiritual development of children and families. The youth will be provided age-appropriate studies through an accredited program. Children will also have access to regular Bible studies and the team will be supporting the outreach efforts of the local church.

Health: Supplies are needed for the medical, dental and veterinary clinics, which contribute to the overall health of the community and their livestock. The community is also in need of health, sanitation and hygiene training.

Livelihoods: FH and the Sweathawgs will be organizing a local Farmers Association and assist them in developing a coffee and vegetable enterprise. This work will help to develop other agriculture commodities indigenous to the area.

Education: The students in the community are in need of adequate school supplies. This project will provide these needed supplies so that students are empowered to succeed in their studies. FH organizes youth sports programs that help children to thrive through lessons in teamwork, the value of communication and healthy exercise.