URGENT SYRIA: Help feed and protect  women
and children in refugee camps.

More than 1.6 million desperate people have fled the horrors of war-torn Syria. The bloodshed and the bombings sent families—like yours and mine—running for their lives with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They’ve crossed over into Jordan and Lebanon with no friends to stay with and no resources. Right now, they’re hungry, scared and need help.


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One family had owned a home and a successful business—now they are destitute. All the buildings in their old neighborhood have been destroyed. They will never be able to go home. These people had lives like you and me. They are Christians. Now they are trying to survive with little food.

We’re rushing life-saving food aid and household supplies into the very rough refugee camps. Our partnerships with Integral Alliance Partners and other international groups allow you to make immediate impact by helping us provide:

• Protection: We're providing protection for women and children, who are often—tragically—victims of violence in refugee camps.

• Schools: Working with churches to provide schooling and after-school programs for the children. The only hope these kids have is to keep   learning so they can develop skills to rebuild their lives as adults.

• Ministry: We're helping the churches in these areas to minister to Christians and others now living without a home.


To help the 1.6 million Syrian children and adults, we’ll need $124,500 in the next 30 days. Your gift of $25, $50 or $120 will go to work immediately. You will ease suffering. You will give hope. You may literally save a life.

Give $25 to help Syrian families
Give $50 to help Syrian families
Give $120 to help Syrian families


With Integral Alliance partners, FH is providing the basic necessities of protection (especially for vulnerable women and children), food and household supplies.


what you can do


Please pray for peace, both in Syria and in the refugee camps of neighboring countries.


Use your Facebook and Twitter to show people how to help these refugees.


You can help provide essential life-saving supplies to desperate Syrian civilians.

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We know that for each dollar you give, you pray and sacrifice to help end world poverty. We are transparent in our financial practices, so you can see how your gifts are being used to help the poor.