Food for the Hungry works to provide health care for communities in multiple ways. From building and supporting health clinics to training mothers in hygiene practices, FH addresses the crucial health needs of a community. FH also includes abuse prevention and disease prevention such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. FH empowers the poor to be healthy mentally and physically.

Providing health information and vaccinations

HAITI—FH partnered with the Ministry of Health in Haiti to provide clinics for parents and children. The government provided a health agent, and FH provided a nurse. The nurse taught parents hygiene, sanitation and nutrition to improve their child’s health. Children received vaccinations to prevent disease.

How we Work

Identifying health needs

FH staff works with community leaders to identify health problems in their community. From hygiene to the construction of medical clinics, FH partners with the poor to address issues.

Training the poor

Many health issues are addressed through simple trainings in hand washing and nutrition. FH does this through social networking, having mothers teach other mothers and teaching children through fun yet instructive songs.

Lives saved

Through simple practices like breast feeding and hand washing, children’s lives are saved. In some communities, these simple practices reduced child mortality by 62 percent.