Devastating flooding in the Philippines

PHILIPPINES: Typhoon Soala brought monsoon rains that caused flooding in nine provinces in the Philippines. The flooding has affected 2 million people and forced approximately 250,000 people to evacuate their homes. Ten cities and municipalities in Manila and six provinces in Luzon have been placed under a state of calamity.

Food for the Hungry has responded by setting up soup kitchens in San Roque and Rizal. FH also partnered with the Lifeline Foundation to mobilize five doctors, five nurses and medical supplies for treating more than 500 people. Other relief items, such as food, clothes and clean-up kits are being distributed to several communities, helping approximately 2,000 people.

As storms are expected to continue, please consider partnering with FH to provide help to thousands of homeless Filipinos.

On August 7, Typhoon Soala brought monsoon rains that caused a landslide and flooding, affecting 2 million people and displacing 250,000 people. The country’s capital, Manila, is 70 percent underwater.

NEEDS: Please give so displaced families can receive food, clothes and other needed supplies.


What You Can Do


Please pray for FH staff and those people who are displaced from the flood.


You can help provide life-saving emergency supplies to FH’s emergency response team.


Use your Facebook and Twitter to show people how to help people in the Philippines.