World Food Day: October 16

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Feed the Hungry and Help Save Lives!

You’ll surely agree — access to food is a basic human right.

But, tragically, it’s also a major global challenge …

  • More than 840 million people suffer from hunger worldwide
  • 45% of all child deaths arise from poor nutrition
  • Poverty is the principle cause of hunger
  • Hunger is also a cause of poverty — creating a very difficult cycle to break without help
  • 767 million people live on less than $2 a day.

In recognition of the hunger crisis — and to encourage others to join in the fight to end world hunger — the United Nations has declared today World Food Day.

And because USAID and other groups recognize the efficient, effective, sustainable ways you and Food for the Hungry team up to combat hunger … they’ve offered 22x matching grants to continue helping hungry children and families.

This means your generous online donation today, in honor of World Food Day, will go 22x as far toward feeding hungry people today — and empowering them with sustainable tools, training, and hope to feed themselves for a lifetime!

Most importantly, your gift, multiplied 22x in impact, will beautifully answer God’s call to respond to those suffering — and extend practical, life-saving help to those in need.

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