Global Leadership Team

Executive Leadership

Gary Edmonds

President and CEO

"FH first caught my attention in 1984 when I was pastoring a church in Switzerland. Their mission aligned with my passion for the poor and vulnerable. I’m humbled and honored to serve with the staff."

Gary currently serves FH as the President and CEO out of the Phoenix headquarters. He graduated from UCLA in 1972 with teaching credentials in Mathematics, followed by Fuller Seminary and Regent University, with degrees in Missiology and Theology.

Prior to stepping into his current role, he served on the Board of Directors of Food for the Hungry for eight years. Gary is also currently serving as President of Breakthrough Partners. Gary has served as the Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, giving leadership for the collaboration of 4 million churches and more than 130 international organizations in 127 nations.

Additionally, he co-founded Micah Challenge, served as Executive Director of Churches Together, and was the Associate International Director of Interdev, establishing cross-sector partnerships in the world’s most impoverished nations. In addition to all this, Gary also ministered in Southern California as Senior Associate Pastor of Mariners Church, growing that church and giving leadership to its missions and international programs. Gary and his wife, Tricia, and their family lived in Europe for 18 years, where he served as President and European Director of Christian Associates International, focusing on leadership development and church planting, and as Senior Pastor of Crossroads Church in Geneva.

In his spare time, Gary loves reading, golfing, hiking and just spending time with his family. He shares his home in Phoenix with his wife Tricia. The have four adult children and seven grandchildren.

Barry Gardner

Chief Financial Officer/Global Service Center Chief Operations Officer

"I’ve always felt called to improve the stewardship and accountability of Christian organizations. I was drawn to FH because of its worldwide reach and the impact of its work."

Barry currently serves FH as the Chief Financial Officer/Global Service Center Chief Operations Officer in the Phoenix office. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics from Wheaton College and his master’s in Finance at the University of Chicago. Before joining FH, he spent 20 years as a consultant in finance and administration.

He spends his free time as a frustrated engineer. He loves mechanical things. He loves to ride bicycles and motorcycles, has a hobby car project and a pilot’s license. He shares his home in Phoenix with his wife Susan, who works in FH reception a few days per week. They have three grown children.

Mike Meyers

Chief Development Officer

"From the time I was 21 and read about an orphanage in Africa for kids whose parents had died of AIDS, I knew I was meant to do this kind of work."

Mike currently serves FH as the Chief Development officer out of the Phoenix headquarters. He received his Bachelor of Science in Life Science from Kansas State University in 1996. He continued his education by receiving a master’s in Theology and a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies from Nazarene Theological Seminary. Before joining FH, he spent 20 years working with various nonprofits in management and consulting positions.

In his spare time, Mike has built a community of people who sweat it out through cross fit and has since become addicted. He also loves hiking. He grew up in Kansas City and is still a Royals and Chiefs fan, but now he calls Phoenix home, with his wife Michelle and their three children.

Luis Noda

Chief International Operations Officer

"Responding to human suffering is a Christian mandate, not a nice-to-have."

Luis currently serves FH as the Chief International Operations Officer from the Washington, DC office. He received his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Universidad Mayor de San Simon in Cochabamba, Bolivia as well as his master’s in Agricultural Development from the University of Ghent in Belgium and his master’s in Development Evaluation and Management from the Institute of Development Policy and Management at the University of Antwerp in Belgium.

He has over 23 years experience in International Development. Before joining FH, he worked for a Catholic nonprofit in Bolivia and for a program that reports to the Ministry of Agriculture in Bolivia.

In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his family. He also likes working out, spending time outdoors, and traveling, which allows him to learn from other cultures. Although he was born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia, he shares a home in Washington, DC with his wife of more than 20 years, Jimena and their two teenage children.

Maria McCulley

Senior Director, Grants and Government Finance

"My Mom was truly a woman after God’s own heart! Every memory I have of her is helping someone. I saw FH was doing on a much bigger scale everything she did all her life and I wanted to be part of it."

Maria currently serves FH as the Senior Director of Grants and Government Finance from the Phoenix headquarters. She graduated from Universidad Mayor de San Andres in La Paz, Bolivia where she studied accounting, economics and finance. Maria started her journey with FH in college when she worked for FH Bolivia. After spending five years in the US, she returned to Bolivia where she worked as the Deputy Director of FH Bolivia, and led the area of Finance, Administration and Commodities. When she once again returned to the US, she worked in FH’s finance department part-time, but quickly became fully involved in the US Government grants area leading the USG Commodities unit.

She loves hiking and spending time with her family. She also loves to travel and seeks out the local farmer’s market wherever she goes. She enjoys experiencing cultures, food and people from all over the world. Although she was born and raised in Bolivia, she now shares a home in Phoenix with her husband Jim. They have two children, John, a junior in college and Hannah, a senior in high school.

Global Leadership

Andy Barnes

Asia Regional Director

"FH allows me to serve the poor and try to make a difference in the world in the name of Christ."

Andy Barnes currently serves FH as the Asia Regional Director. After receiving his PHD in Forest Biology from Auburn University in Auburn, AL, he served at the professor of Forestry at Haramaya University in Ethiopia.

Andy has served FH as both the Ethiopia Program Director and Country Director of Ethiopia before taking on his current role. He also spent several years as a professor of Biology at Crandell University in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

With an affinity for God’s creation, Andy loves to explore new places and cultures, but also love to renovate old homes and cheer on his favorite college football teams. He shares his home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his wife Donalda of 34 years. They have two grown children Sarah and Michael.

Ryan Brown

Senior Director, Responder Operations

"Throughout scripture, God expresses His heart for the poor and oppressed. God has been gracious in allowing me to do meaningful work that connects with things close to His heart."

Ryan Brown currently serves FH as the Senior Director for Responder Operations out of the Phoenix headquarters. Ryan holds two degrees from Arizona State University in English and Business. Before he joined FH, Ryan spent time as a stockbroker, singer/songwriter and a concert promoter and even had time to run a small, Christian record label.

He, along with his family, is active in foster care and led a foster care support group in his church. Ryan also loves to pursue his musical ventures through song writing and performance when he has the opportunity. He lives in in Gilbert, AZ with his wife Suzan and their two wonderful boys.

Victor Cortez

Latin America/Caribbean Regional Director

"My parents were born and raised in poor communities in Bolivia, so ever since I was young, I committed to fight to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable families suffering from hunger and poverty."

Victor Cortez currently serves as the Latin America/Caribbean Regional Director out of the Latin America regional office in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He graduated from Juan Misael Saracho University in Bolivia as an Agricultural Engineer in 1989 and finished his master’s at NUR University in La Paz, Bolivia in 2002. He started out at FH in 1990 as Field Supervisor and has advanced in the organization ever since.

He has loved to practice origami ever since he was 7 years old and regularly likes to create new sculptures each time, allowing his children to figure out what they are. He shares a home with his beautiful wife Elizabeth of 16 years. They have two children, Joshua and Abigail, who care for their two turtles.

Sara Glenn

Senior Director, Global Human Resources

"When I first joined FH, I knew God had led me here, but, over the course of time I realized that it was a call in my life."

Sara currently serves FH as the Senior Director, Global Human Resources out of the Phoenix headquarters. Sara brings years of experience in multiple professions including over 20 years in the food and beverage industry. She also spent time as a mortgage broker and office manager before joining FH.

Sara loves to spend her spare time making customized greeting cards for her friends, family and colleagues. She makes her home in Phoenix, AZ. She has three sons and two beautiful daughter-in-laws as well as a granddaughter on the way. She also has two dogs, Holly and JD.

Peter Howard

Senior Director, Emergency Response

"I am passionate about mobilizing people of faith in partnership around the world to bring hope to some of the world’s most intractable humanitarian concerns."

Peter currently serves FH as the Senior Director, Emergency Response and helps guide global strategy, responding to some of the world’s most complex natural disasters and regional crises. Peter holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Bethel University in St. Paul, a master’s degree in Christian Studies from Denver Seminary, and a master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School, where he was a Catherine Reynolds Fellow at Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership.

His previous posts included Director of Public Policy in Washington, DC, and Indonesia Country Director, leading FH’s relief efforts after the 2004 tsunami. Peter and his family spent three years living in Oxford, England where he also serves on the board of FH UK.

Peter used to be a logger in Montana and still enjoys cutting and splitting wood when he can, as well as the warmth of an open fire. Peter and his wife Angela share a home with their daughter in Washington, DC.

Tom LePage

Africa Regional Director

"I felt called to alleviate hunger and poverty since I was 14. God’s call shaped my education, career and family for over the past 40 years."

Tom currently serves FH as the Africa Regional Director out of the Africa Regional Offices. He graduated from Montana State University in 1984 with a degree in Economics. He completed his master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focused on Development in 2002 from Regent College in Vancouver BC. Before joining FH he served 19 years with World Concern in both Haiti and Africa. He also spent five years with the Chalmers Center for Economic Development.

Tom spends most of his spare time serving the local church, but also enjoys most outdoor sports and snorkeling off the Coasts in Kenya with his wife. He loves going on camping and hiking safaris in many of the Kenya national parks. Tom and his wife Ann of 31 years share a home in Nairobi, Kenya. They have three grown children who all live in the States.

Shep Owen

Senior Director, Global Grants Acquisition and Partnerships

"Having worked with excellent organizations committed to sector specific needs such as housing, food relief, public health, etc., I find FH’s integrated and holistic approach refreshing and realistic."

Shep currently serves FH as the Senior Director, Global Grants Acquisition and Partnerships from the Washington, DC office. He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Oklahoma and is currently working on his Masters of Science in Public Policy and Management at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. Before Joining FH, he worked with a variety of nonprofits and the UN across Africa including: WFP, Habitat for Humanity, Carter Center and CARE.

He loves the ocean and is a Master Scuba Diver, but prefers skin diving when holding his breath. He grew up in Kenya and still considers it home in many ways, but currently shares a home in Washington, DC with his wife Maria of 14 years and their two boys.

Ryan Smedes

Senior Director, Resource and Program Development

"I continue to be impressed with the courage and selfless devotion of FH staff to meet people where they are at and join together to address complex challenges in their communities."

Ryan currently serves FH as the Senior Director, Resource and Program Development out of the Washington, DC office. He graduated from the University of Washington with a master’s degree in Public Administration focusing on International Development Policy and Management. He also holds bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Studies and in Religion from Pacific Lutheran University. Prior to joining FH, he supported the operations of a shelter for homeless families. He has served in various roles at FH over the years taking a few breaks to attend graduate school and work in a partner organization to implement and test rural savings associations.

He loves to spend time camping and hiking with his family. He shares a home in Falls Church, VA with his wife Angela, their three children and a bearded dragon amputee named Ravi.

Charlie Tardibuono

Chief Information Officer

"My calling started more as a desire to do more than just build technology. Since I joined FH, I have developed a deep desire to contribute to eliminating hunger and fulfilling our mission."

Charlie currently serves FH as the Chief Information Officer from the Phoenix headquarters. He attended US Navy B/EE School and the University of Missouri St. Louis. Before joining FH in 2010, Charlie has spent time as a lead engineer in flight simulation, the Lead Technologist for US Army Aviation, Technical Project Manager and Lead Software Architect among other technology roles.

Over the years his hobbies have included flying as a pilot, painting and learning. Now he really just enjoys spending time with his family. He shares a home in Prescott, AZ with his wife Luann. They have five grown children and four grandchildren.

Paul Cornelius

President, FH United Kingdom

"I had a deep calling to work with the poor since becoming a Christian at 16 and particularly felt God calling me to work at Food for the Hungry."

Paul Cornelius currently serves FH as President, FH United Kingdom. He attended Liverpool University and graduated with degrees in engineering science and industrial management. Before he joined FH, he served 27 years with a global organization, mainly in operations and business management.

He’s been passionate about rugby from a very young age and although he has stopped playing now, he’s still a great advocate of the teamwork and friendship that the game inspires. He shares a home with his wife Janis of 31 years in the small town of Beaconsfield, which is halfway between London and Oxford. They have two grown sons, Luke and Lewis.

Bernie Willock

President, FH Canada

"I believe God called me specifically to implement innovative business practices internally and increase our profile externally through business partnerships."

Bernie currently serves FH as the President, FH Canada and works out of the head office in Abbotsford. He graduated from B.C.I.T. with a degree in Forest Resource Management. Before he joined FH, he was self-employed for 25 years as a serial entrepreneur, mainly focusing in furniture retail and land development. Prior to that, he spent 13 years as an owner-operator of two La-Z-Boy Furniture stores, which had long-term community relationships with international development agencies. He’s currently working on his master’s in Christian Studies at Regent College.

As his forestry background would indicate, he loves the majestic forests of B.C. As a passionate cyclist, he tries to ride his road or mountain bike as often as time allows. He shares a home in Victoria, B.C. with his wife and one true love of 33 years, Marlene. They have two adult children, Ben and Jennifer. They’re also very proud new grandparents to one baby girl. His wife has a cat named Chuck. They tolerate one another.

Daniel Hahling

President, FH Suisse

"I was at a corner point of my professional life where I wanted to contribute more directly to reduce poverty with a holistic approach. I believe that God opened for me the opportunity to join FH Switzerland and I enjoy facing the known and future challenges."

Daniel Hahling serves FH Switzerland as president. He holds a degree in electronic engineering and specializes in quality management for the aeronautical domain. He completed his master’s degree in business administration with his thesis work in NGO management. During his free time, he enjoys nature by hiking in both the country and the mountains. His hobby is classic cars and other vintage machines. He is married and is the father of three children and grandfather of one.