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Strengthen Communities

To be Resilient and Flourish

Communities around the world are challenged by the realities of poverty, injustice and marginalization. Poverty can stem from injustice, wars, natural disasters, harsh climates, government corruption, unfair trade policies, debilitating social issues, lack of access to resources, and endless other factors continue this cycle.

Today, there are 648 million people living in extreme poverty, making less than $2.15 per day.

Food for the Hungry (FH) exists so communities challenged by the complexities of extreme poverty, injustice and marginalization have the resources and opportunities to be resilient and flourish. For over 50 years, FH and supporters like you have been motivated by our Christian faith to devotedly serve vulnerable people and marginalized communities. In 2022, nearly 10 million people across more than 3,500 communities in 19 countries have been reached and their lives strengthened.

address the root causes of extreme poverty

Poverty, injustice, and marginalization are symptomatic manifestations of broken relationships with God, self, others, and nature. Your giving to strengthen communities will restore and repair these broken relationships. You help FH partner with community leaders, churches, teachers, and families, to identify the root causes of extreme poverty, and identify catalytic solutions to overcome them.


A portion of these donations may be used for administrating these transformative programs.


Communities are strengthened through systemic transformation that unlocks their God-given potential to realize the agency and resources needed to be resilient and flourish. At its heart are the people we serve and our intention to respond to God’s call,
“so that the poor have hope, and injustice shuts its mouth.” Job 5:16




FH works alongside communities, seeking to listen, learn and understand their specific needs and challenges.



Together we form action plans that foster growth through training teachers, parents and local leaders.



Your support helps FH deliver life-changing solutions to strengthen communities and overcome the causes of poverty.



Building resilience in sustainable ways gives communities the opportunity to reach their God-given potential to flourish.

Make Meaningful Impact

Help communities with broken and inequitable systems implement transformative solutions that address their biggest challenges where needed most:
clean water image
Clean Water & Sanitation

Water is essential for all areas of life. Sadly, 26% of the world’s population still doesn’t have access to safe drinking water. Your support will provide clean water for drinking, better sanitation methods, and water for bathing, cleaning, farming, and more.

healthcare image

Access to quality healthcare and knowledge of health and hygiene best practices allow people to live healthier lives. Your support provides health education and access to local health facilities for medical care.

food security image
Food Security

More than 800 million people around the world suffer from chronic hunger. Your support ensures families and communities have the knowledge through agricultural trainings and resources like seeds and tools to grow their own food successfully, and have extra to sell.

livelihoods image

Income generating activities are necessary for people to flourish. Livelihood training and resources makes it possible for families to earn living wages to provide for their family now and into the future.


Knowing Jesus restores hope. Your support shows the love of Christ and connects community members of all ages to God’s love through biblical teachings and fellowship so more people come to know Jesus.


Education paves the way for brighter futures. Your support provides quality educational facilities, training, resources, and programs so children and young people of all ages have a quality education.


Strengthened Communities

When communities are physically and mentally healthy, and they have assets and agency to make informed decisions and choices, then they can overcome these challenges. Strengthening communities in these sustainable ways builds resilience to risk, giving its people the opportunity to reach their God-given potential to flourish. God calls us to be an instrument of reconciliation, serving communities affected by poverty, injustice and marginalization in hard places, so that people we serve can live a life in all its fullness.


Chamroeun and his family

Chamroeun, 32, lives in Tasam Community in Cambodia with his wife Po, and their two children. Today, their family is doing well. But it hasn’t always been this way. Chamroeun struggled with anger, and drug use. He was violent and unpleasant to his family. Chamroeun knew he needed to change, he just struggled with how. Thankfully, he was open to learning new things. When FH entered his community in 2018, he joined agriculture trainings, where he learned better practices for raising chickens and growing vegetables. Chamroeun also joined a church community group, where he learned Biblical truths. Chamroeun says the changes he has undergone came as a result of God’s Word. Now he is kind and loving to his family and others in his community, and he is on a path to grow his family’s business.

– Chamroeun and his family


Sam, FH Doner

“What convinced me to become involved and continues to inspire me about FH’s work is a recognition that real solutions to poverty have to be multi-dimensional. In other words, FH partners with a community to establish and complete goals across sectors: livelihoods, education for children, water and sanitation, health and nutrition, resiliency to natural disasters, and leadership development.”

– Sam, FH Donor


Aliyi and his family display the cart and water jugs it allows him to transport.

Opportunity to Build Livelihood Transforms Family, Community

Aliyi Sayido, 40, lives in the Diga District of Ethiopia with his wife, Ibsitu, 32. They care for their 3-year-old daughter, Sena, and their 9-year-old nephew, Jebril, who lives with them. Aliyi and his family went through difficult challenges in life before Food for the Hungry (FH)  began working in


Bridging the Digital Divide: FH and Partners Launch EduLabs

In October 2023, Food for the Hungry (FH) launched a transformative education initiative, EduLabs, to provide accessible, technology-driven education in the Dominican Republic. These labs address the deep digital divide common among communities in poverty, paving the way for better job opportunities in the future. The effort was in partnership


Husband and Wife Learn to Escape Poverty as a Team

For years, Yalew and Yebirguwal struggled to provide nutritious food for their two children. Like many Ethiopian families, they had no land of their own but were instead forced to rent small farm plots or offer themselves as hired labor. But this didn’t work for Yalew, who was physically unable


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Gift Policy:
You may send small, flat paper-based items that can fit into a standard #10 size envelope, have a value of less than $5 dollars and weigh less than 4 ounces. We ask that you send small, flat items of this size because shipping is expensive and even small gift items can cause issues clearing customs.
You can send postcards or photographs, however, we ask that you visit here for more details about culturally appropriate guidelines for photos and other images. Please write the child’s ID # on the back of each item that you enclose with your letter to ensure that it reaches him/her.
Best gifts to send your sponsored child:
  • Paper dolls
  • Postcards
  • Pictures of yourself or family
  • Sports cards, individual cards (baseball, soccer, football)
  • Stickers (flat, paper-based, only a few at a time)
  • Paper-based simple bookmarks, stationery, drawing, or writing paper (single sheets)
  • Coloring pages (single sheets, not books)
  • Please do NOT send:
  • Monetary gifts
  • Liquids, candy, or food
  • Batteries or magnets
Please note, all items should be compliant with airline transport and safety regulations. Gifts that don’t meet the gift policy will be donated to a local Christian non-profit organization in Phoenix, Arizona, that works with low-income families. We will not be able to return them.