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Your Prayers are Powerful!

Your sponsorship provides resources for efforts in health, nutrition, education, and community development that benefits your sponsored child — but nothing we do makes a difference without God’s involvement and blessing! Your prayers for your sponsored child and their community’s specific needs bring about transformational changes! Please join us in prayer and praise for what God is doing in your sponsored child’s life and in their community.


For your sponsored child to have a spirit of faith, love, and a sound mind and not fear (2 Tim 1:7).



For your sponsored child to have a profound hope for the future, assurance that God will complete the good work He has started (Phil 1:6).



For your sponsored child to experience God’s love – through FH staff, in their home and in their community (2 Thess 3:5).

Pray with us now:

Heavenly Father, I know you watch over my sponsored child. You know their needs intimately. All resources belong to you, and I ask you to please meet those needs as only You can.

I pray for Your protection over them and their family. And that You will help them to grow closer to You and truly experience Your love for them, through their family, friends, and through me as their sponsor.

Lord, please give my sponsored child hope – the kind of hope that can only be found in You. Give them peace that passes understanding, to look confidently to their future and pursue the plans You have for their life.

Thank you God for this child made in Your image. In Your holy name I pray. Amen.

Country Specific Prayers


Please pray for young children to gain school-readiness skills through the new Early Childhood Development Centers. Pray for your sponsored child and other children as they learn new life skills and develop good character. Also, pray for the effectiveness of FH interventions to reduce childhood marriage. 


Please pray for sponsored children’s families to improve their financial situation through businesses and gardens despite the country’s social, economic, and political problems. Please pray for the success of first aid training to prepare families for emergencies. Continue to pray for children to reach their God-given potential.


Please pray for your sponsored child’s education and future. Pray for the success of early childhood education with new kindergarten classes and for our new programs to reduce school dropouts. Pray for an increased harvest this year to improve the low-income rates and food availability for families.


Please pray for schools to continue providing quality education for sponsored children. Pray for community leaders to have unity, commitment, and wisdom to lead their communities through transformative changes. Pray for an abundant harvest to provide food for families and increase their income.

Dominican Republic

Please pray for your sponsored child’s education and God’s provision so we can work with more schools and the government to provide the best education for all children. Pray also for families to lead and nurture children so they develop Godly character and positively contribute to their communities.


Please pray that sponsored children and their families will be unaffected by unrest. Pray that the peace treaty between armed groups and the government will restore peace and stability in Ethiopia. Please pray for the success of programs to help sponsored children’s families earn additional income.


Please pray for your sponsored child and their family to continue to make Jesus the center of their lives and for the activities taking place in communities to help share the love and knowledge of Jesus. Ask God to protect families vulnerable to natural disasters during the rainy season so they are prepared and stay safe.


Please pray that the children’s clubs launched this year will serve as a source of inspiration and empowerment for children and youth. Ask God to protect displaced families and communities disrupted by gang violence. Pray for families in distress who have lost their homes, for them to find lasting solutions and stability.


Please pray for your sponsored child and other children to have increased literacy skills. Pray for increased income for families through gardening and farming projects. Please pray for the protection of children from violence as we work with the local governments to accelerate the establishment of child protection programs.


Please pray for sponsored children to have a good academic year and to learn new life skills through participation in FH activities to help them develop Godly character. Ask for God’s blessings and guidance for high school students graduating this year. Pray also for teachers participating in training to improve children’s learning.


Please pray for the health of sponsored children and their families to protect them from cholera and other diseases. Pray for God’s provision of rain for the next farming season, as families struggle with last year’s poor harvest. Pray also for children’s education so our efforts continue to reduce school dropouts.


Ask God to continue to provide for sponsored children and their families, who benefit from savings groups, student scholarships, Bible classes, and small business resources. Pray for children to grow spiritually and in knowledge and skills. Pray for strong partnerships with local leaders and the families of sponsored children.


Please pray for your sponsored child and other children to be supported by their parents in their studies, and for FH’s program to help parents and families value their child’s education to be successful. Pray also for the educational fairs organized with local governments so high school students can plan for their futures.


Please pray for your sponsored child’s family and their relationships, for love, understanding, and unity. Pray for new local leaders, and for God to fill them with love and wisdom as they lead their communities. Pray for food security programs to continue to grow, and for more families to participate in training activities to improve their income.


Please pray for your sponsored child’s education and for the quality of children’s education to improve through the establishment of community libraries and other activities to increase literacy. Pray for the success of farming and livestock-raising projects so families can better provide for their children’s healthy development, well-being, and futures.


Please pray for good health for your sponsored child and their family. Also, pray for their education so they are successful in this school year. Ask for God’s provision of rain for a good harvest, which boosts income levels and food security for families. Pray also for peace, especially on the issues of land disputes in communities.


Please pray for the social and emotional well-being of children, especially as many of their parents work far away and leave them with grandparents or other relatives. Pray for wisdom for the project and local leaders, so they will continue to find ways to reduce issues in the community.

You are about to embark on a new FH Donor Experience

If you need assistance, please contact us at donorhelp@fh.org or 866-307-3259.

Gift Policy:
You may send small, flat paper-based items that can fit into a standard #10 size envelope, have a value of less than $5 dollars and weigh less than 4 ounces. We ask that you send small, flat items of this size because shipping is expensive and even small gift items can cause issues clearing customs.
You can send postcards or photographs, however, we ask that you visit here for more details about culturally appropriate guidelines for photos and other images. Please write the child’s ID # on the back of each item that you enclose with your letter to ensure that it reaches him/her.
Best gifts to send your sponsored child:
  • Paper dolls
  • Postcards
  • Pictures of yourself or family
  • Sports cards, individual cards (baseball, soccer, football)
  • Stickers (flat, paper-based, only a few at a time)
  • Paper-based simple bookmarks, stationery, drawing, or writing paper (single sheets)
  • Coloring pages (single sheets, not books)
  • Please do NOT send:
  • Monetary gifts
  • Liquids, candy, or food
  • Batteries or magnets
Please note, all items should be compliant with airline transport and safety regulations. Gifts that don’t meet the gift policy will be donated to a local Christian non-profit organization in Phoenix, Arizona, that works with low-income families. We will not be able to return them.