Church Partnerships

Combine your church’s heart for the poor and Food for the Hungry’s (FH) global'll be connected to the community or project that needs your help the most. Through FH church partnerships, mutual transformation is possible in impoverished communities and your church congregation alike.



Child Focused Community Transformation

We believe that when a community is equipped to care for its most vulnerable members, everyone is served and poverty is eliminated. That’s why we seek to develop communities by focusing on children. The ultimate indicator that families, churches and leaders are doing this well is witnessed in the wellbeing of their children. When we equip communities with the tools and resources they need to care for their own children, we empower them to invest in their own development.

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We Go To The Hard Places

We believe in fighting against extreme poverty in the world’s most vulnerable communities, which is why we choose to go to the hard places. We intentionally seek out communities that are geographically difficult to reach, lack adequate infrastructure for community development, and suffer from harsh climates, war, natural disasters, disease and violence. We courageously seek out the overlooked and advocate for the underserved. We’re called to go farther. We’re called to the hard places.


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We Have An Exit Strategy

We’re proud of the communities we enter, but more than that, we’re proud of the ones we exit. These are the communities where extreme poverty no longer has a seat at the table. They’re now self-sustainable and living out God’s purpose for their lives. They’ve worked hard to achieve their goals and we’re thrilled to have played our part. We celebrate with them and then we intentionally seek out the next community suffering under the heavy weight of poverty.