Global Executive Office

The Global Executive Office (GEO) is the Food for the Hungry (FH) executive leadership team.  The GEO provides shared senior leadership of FH's overall work. Each of these leaders reports directly to the Board of Directors and plays a distinct role in achieving FH's vision and mission worldwide.  FH is committed to the principle of shared leadership at every level of leadership, including the Board, without regard to race, ethnicity, gender or national origin. We believe this to be essential to the health and effectiveness of our work.

Keith Wright, President

Global Executive Office

“Within the context of my lifelong calling to respond to the needs of the poor, FH is a community of passionate professionals that intentionally reaches out with courage to the most vulnerable wherever they are and understands the critical role of Christ in effecting lasting change.”

Wright is responsible for providing strategy and leadership for FH globally. He ensures global alignment and achievement of the organization's vision and mission. Wright is also responsible for expanding global partnerships to connect funding sources to poverty solutions.

Wright has more than 20 years of relief and development leadership, implementation and resource development experience in Africa, Latin America and the U.S. Wright has lived in Africa for 11 years. He earned a master degree in economic development from Eastern University and a bachelor degree in political science from the University of Mary Washington. Wright has been with Food for the Hungry since 2000.

Marty Martin, Chief Operating Officer

Global Executive Officer
Global Executive Office

“As I've read through the scriptures year after year, I've become increasingly conscious of God's special concern and affection for the poor. It is an inescapable theme running throughout the Bible from beginning to end. We, at Food for the Hungry, are called to live out God's special affection for the poor in a very focused way. This is a high calling, a high privilege and a high responsibility!”

Marty Martin provides overall leadership for the Global Service Center in Phoenix. He is responsible for support functions including financial management, human resources and information systems.

Martin has more than 30 years of experience in air rescue, pastoral ministry, relief and development operations, and corporate management in Africa, Asia and North America. An Air Force Academy graduate and experienced as a U.S. Air Force pilot, he received a master's degree from Covenant Theological Seminary and an honorary doctoral degree in humanities from Colorado Christian University. Martin has been with Food for the Hungry since 2003.

Luis Noda, Field Operations

Global Executive Officer
Global Executive Office

“What inspires me to work in relief  and development from a Christian perspective, and more specifically for Food for the Hungry, is based on biblical verses  like Isaiah 58:10. The mandate in this verse (in NIV) is to spend ourselves on behalf of the hungry, or as another version says (The King James), "draw out your soul to the hungry." The message to me on this many years ago has been to devote my life to serve the most vulnerable.”

Noda is responsible for the operational implementation of programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He is also responsible for leadership development in these regions and the integration of our vision, mission and values worldwide.

Noda has more than 16 years of relief and development implementation and management experience in Asia, Africa and Latin America. He received a master degree in agricultural development/evaluation and management and a bachelor degree in agricultural engineering. Noda has been with Food for the Hungry since 2000.