Global Leadership Team

The Global Leadership Team of Food for the Hungry (FH) guides the FH Staff of approximately 2000 women and men worldwide in the fulfillment of our Vision and the accomplishment of our Mission through serving the “most vulnerable” in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Gary Edmonds (President and Chief Executive Officer)

Luis Noda (Chief International Operations Officer)

Barry Gardner (Chief Financial Officer/Global Service Center Chief Operations Officer) 

Paul Cornelius (President, FH United Kingdom)

Daniel Depelteau (President, FH Suisse)

Bernie Willock (President, FH Canada)

Andy Barnes (Asia Regional Director)

Tina Bolding (Chief Human Resources Officer)

Ryan Brown (Senior Director, Responder Operations)

Victor Cortez (Latin America/Caribbean Regional Director)

Peter Howard (Senior Director, Emergency Response Unit)

Tom LePage (Africa Regional Director)

Michael Meyers (Chief Development Officer)

Shep Owen (Senior Director, Global Grants Acquisition and Partnerships)

Ryan Smedes (Senior Director, Resource and Program Development)

Charlie Tardibuono (Chief Information Officer)