Vision Trips for Pastors


“When we first visited the community, we met this little girl named Ella. Her mother was single with four other children. Within the first two years we were working in the community, we helped her mother repair their house. This house was infested and didn’t have any security at all. The walls were just sheets of metal stacked together and the door was rotted. This last trip, we saw Ella again and she’s about ready to graduate high school in September. This young girl is talking about going to a university in Santo Domingo. The growth and ownership and vision of the community is amazing to see. She would never have dreamed she could do that and now she’s making a plan. We were able to sit down with the community leaders and look back on the plans we made with them 10 years ago and say, “we accomplished all of these things.” It was an ah-ha moment for them to see that they can set a goal, create a vision, and make it happen.”
– Greg Wilson, Cornerstone Community Church