Chief Operations Officer

"Leadership is not about position or title. Being in a 'leadership position' doesn’t make you a leader anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car. Leadership is about intentional actions that help move people from the place they are now, to new places of greater and fuller flourishing. Leadership is serving people in ways that help them reach their full God-given capacity - to experience life to the full - for the good of others, to the glory of God!"

Chief Public Development & Strategic Resources Officer

"In God’s Word, we are given the mandate to 'act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God' (Micah 6:8). My aim has always been for my life to embrace this mandate, and it is such a privilege for me to be part of an organization that endeavors to do the same."

Chief International Operations Officer

"I enjoy conversations, friendships and the pursuit in work and family life of beauty, goodness and truth."

Chief Development Officer

"My greatest calling and highest honor is responding to the needs of the vulnerable around the world. It is such an immense privilege to work with Food for the Hungry in fulfilling this mission."

Chief Financial Officer

"The biblical imperative that people of faith step up and serve those in need (James 2:17) has always resonated with me. So when I heard the call to join FH in its mission to end poverty, my answer was an enthusiastic ‘yes’!"

Vice President, Transformational Engagement

“Responding to human suffering is a Christian mandate, not a nice-to-have.”

Asia Regional Director

“As part of Hunger Corps in Bangladesh, we knew we were answering a call that God had placed on our hearts to equip and train men and women leaders to reach their God-given potential.”

Africa Regional Director

"Implementing strategy, organizational development and program quality alongside a top-notch team, while also being led by the FH heartbeat that calls us to serve, listen and partner, is inspiring, to say the least."

Latin America/Caribbean Regional Director

"As a construction engineer, my idea of development was to build social infrastructure to reduce poverty in my home country, but since I began to walk with FH, I understand that God's call for me is to build thriving relationships."

Senior Director, Relief & Humanitarian Affairs

“Having worked with excellent organizations committed to sector-specific needs such as housing, food relief, public health, etc., I find FH’s integrated and holistic approach refreshing and realistic.”

Senior Director, Development Operations

“Throughout Scripture, God expresses His heart for the poor and oppressed. God has been gracious in allowing me to do meaningful work that connects with things close to His heart.”

Senior Director, Leadership Development

“My parents were born and raised in poor communities in Bolivia, so ever since I was young, I committed to fight to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable families suffering from hunger and poverty.”

Senior Director, Global HR

"I believe we are all created to have a Father's love relationship with God and with Jesus His Son. Then, we should share with others how they can have that loving relationship. At Food for the Hungry we get to work together to bring the love of God through Jesus to the world in a unique way...using our skills and abilities for God's glory."

Senior Director, Marketing

"The moment I met vibrant 18 month old Maritza in Guatemala, my life changed. When FH entered the community, Maritza was a 7 pound 13 month old. We helped her get medical assistance and nutrition training for her mom Tomasa. When I met her, she was dancing and singing -- and healthy. I want to see lives transformed, one at a time."

Senior Director, Measurement, Learning, & Evaluation

"Beginning as a volunteer, I was drawn to FH's commitment to address global poverty through a gritty, holistic and dignified response. I continue to be impressed with the courage and selfless devotion of FH staff to meet people where they are at and join together to address complex challenges in their communities."

Senior Director, Program Quality and Design

Director, Global Public Resources Development

"I grew up with Jesuit brothers and they instilled in me a sense of service to God despite everything and to stand up for the poor by working hard and enable them to improve on themselves; achieve high impact through the interactions, reduce my effect or footprint on their efforts to achieve their impact and then help them achieve godly legacy for their children and community."

Director, IT Operations

"Growing up with many challenges, I experienced firsthand the difference one beautiful and imperfect person can make by investing in the life of another. At FH, I get to witness and be one of those people carrying out God’s call on their life."

Deputy Regional Director, Africa

Deputy Director, International Operations

"My work with FH allows me the joy and privilege of connecting daily with colleagues around the world who live out the Gospel by walking with vulnerable communities and helping them thrive."

President, FH Switzerland

"I was at a corner point of my professional life where I wanted to contribute more directly to reduce poverty with a holistic approach. I believe that God opened for me the opportunity to join FH Switzerland and I enjoy facing the known and future challenges."

President, FH United Kingdom

“I had a deep calling to work with the poor since becoming a Christian at 16 and particularly felt God calling me to work at Food for the Hungry.”

President, Korean American FH Int'l

"I believe that sharing physical and spiritual resources with the hungry is a call from our compassionate God!"

President, FH Canada

"After years of relief work, I was introduced to the FH model that tells the story of vulnerable communities being transformed by community-owned development with an exit strategy. It’s a humbling experience to walk with these families, a journey God has called me to."

Board of Directors

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