These are the principles that guide us. Our calling and our response.


We follow Jesus

Our work is relational

We invest wisely and focus on results

We serve with humility

We pursue beauty, goodness and truth


All forms of human poverty ended worldwide.


Together we follow God’s call responding to human suffering and graduating communities from extreme poverty.

“Food for the Hungry’s work with refugees is truly transformational, not just on an individual level with children and families, but also at a community level. The way they come alongside the refugees allows the refugees to determine their own future and empowers them to have that hope.”

Ann Voskamp

Words from the Founder

“We start with the face of God. He cares about the hungry. We know he does, because there is more than abundant evidence of this in His Word. And he has specifically mandated us to do something about it. We find that over and over again in the Bible.”

Larry Ward



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