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Children are the most vulnerable when violence, famine, or disaster strikes. But you can be there for them with your additional pledge of $7 per month!

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The Blog

Written by Kristen Callaway
Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week

This week is World Breastfeeding Week, and this year’s theme, Step up for Breastfeeding: Educate and Support, seeks to focus global attention and galvanize collective action to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding across all aspects of society. … Read More


Stitch by Stitch, a Better Future is Fashioned

Written by Shannon Deppi

A better future often seems like an impossible dream to the teens and young adults living in the most impoverished communities around the world. In countries like Burundi and Rwanda, for example, the average household farm does not produce enough harvest to meet the… Read More

  Ending Poverty Together

We Need to Stop Talking About a Refugee Crisis

Written by Safaa Shahin

Since I was a child, I have always been interested in poetry. At the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011, which turned into a conflict in less than a year, I began reading the translated books of Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet. … Read More

Written by Michele Gonzalez-Mendia
Why Indigenous Women are Key to Climate Resilience

This Earth Day, I’ve been thinking a lot about Guatemala’s indigenous women and girls – not only about the adverse effect climate change has on their lives, but also the potential they have to transform their communities to be resilient to those effects. Development practitioners in Guatemala may have heard… Read More


Celebrating the Gift of Clean Water: World Water Day 2022

Written by Stewart Goodwin

One in three people in the world still does not have access to clean water. Water is essential for life, but it is something so many take for granted every day. We expect it to be immediately available when we get out of bed in the morning to… Read More

  Ending Poverty Together

Nutrition Training Saves the Lives of New Mothers

Written by Shannon Deppi

After fleeing violence in South Sudan as a refugee, Sharon found herself about to begin another life-changing journey: becoming a new mother. And although Sharon’s pregnancy was filled with all the joy and excitement that comes with bringing a new life into the world, dangers abounded, too. Living in extreme… Read More

Written by Shannon Deppi
Teen Girls No Longer Skip School Thanks to Dignity Kits

Teen girls need to go to school. Education plays a vital role in securing a brighter future for impoverished children, youth, and communities – but especially for young women. In fact, according to UNICEF, “Girls who receive an education are less likely to marry young and more… Read More


Food Distribution: A Great Way to Celebrate World Food Day

Written by Shannon Deppi

Food for the Hungry is our name for a reason. From the very beginning 50 years ago, FH has responded to disaster situations in some of the hardest places on earth. Food distributions play a big part in many of these relief efforts in the wake of hurricanes, earthquakes, displacement… Read More


What is the Meaning of "He Who Oppresses the Poor Shows Contempt for their Maker?"

Written by Wendy McMahan

When you think of honoring God, what comes to mind? You may think of worshiping with a crowd of people, spending time with Him, or giving of your finances. Those are certainly all ways to honor God. In Proverbs, we learn of another way to honor God: by showing kindness… Read More

Written by Robbie Peterson
Safe Water and Much More Arrives with a Well

Safe water was what Nargis needed. The 28-year-old mother lives in the Borobogi community of Bangladesh. But for so long, she didn’t understand how many of her problems were tied to her family’s need of clean water. Like so many other families near their home, she and… Read More

  Ending Poverty Together

What Is Poverty?

Written by Wendy McMahan

Have you ever wondered whether you are poor? It’s not a simple question to answer, since definitions vary greatly. According to one online calculator, a family of four earning $26,000 per year is richer than 78.5% of the world’s population. However,… Read More


What is the Meaning of "the Ends of the Earth?"

Written by Wendy McMahan

Have you ever felt as if you were at “the ends of the earth?” Maybe you were physically far away from anything familiar to you. Or perhaps you felt terribly distant–spiritually or emotionally–from God and others.  Where can we turn when we feel isolated?… Read More

  Ending Poverty Together
Written by Angelica Leal
How Your FH Gift Catalog Purchases Matter

Each year, we create the Food for the Hungry Gift Catalog. But this is not your typical catalog! These gifts allow individuals and families living in some of the most challenging places in the world work toward a better life. Last year, many… Read More

  Ending Poverty Together

Why Your Disaster Donation Matters So Much

Written by Beth Allen

When hurricanes, earthquakes, or wars strike, your disaster donation has amazing power to change lives. You may not realize just how powerful even a small donation can be. When back-to-back Hurricanes Eta and Iota hit Nicaragua in November 2020, wind and floods… Read More

  World Poverty

What is the Meaning of “Act Justly, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly with Your God?”

Written by Wendy McMahan

Walk the halls of any Food for the Hungry (FH) office around the world, and it won’t be long before you find the words of Micah 6:8. “Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.” They might show up on a piece of artwork on the wall, a T-shirt worn… Read More

  Ending Poverty Together