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Transformation Inspired Through Education

Forging Skills for a New Future: Leonard’s Journey from Despair to Hope

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WRITTEN BY Cat Forsgren

Transformation Inspired Through Education

In the Rwandan community of Nyagishubi, an inspiring transformation is taking place. Meet Leonard, a gifted and determined car enthusiast whose life took a positive turn, thanks to a scholarship funded through child sponsorship with Food for the Hungry (FH).

Gripped by the Challenges of Poverty

Being the eldest son, Leonard had to drop out of high school to help support his family due to extreme poverty. Without completing his education, his abilities and earning potential were limited. He could earn only the equivalent of about a dollar a day doing manual labor in sand mines. This was barely enough to supply basic necessities, and he felt the weight of responsibility to provide for his younger siblings.

“My life was a mess after leaving school, with no hope for a bright future,” Leonard shared.

Building Confidence through Education

The turning point came when he got a life-changing scholarship for technical and vocational education training made possible through child sponsorship. Determined to change his circumstances, Leonard committed himself to his studies and emerged to the top of his graduate class. Soon after, he secured a position teaching at the school. Imparting his knowledge of auto mechanics to new students and honing his own skills helps him and his family flourish.

Leonard teaches other students at the vocational school.
Leonard teaches other students at the vocational school.

“I now earn ten times what I was earning before, and with it provide for my young sisters and brother. They are able to study and succeed thanks to FH and their sponsors’ support. I am so grateful and happy,” said Leonard.

Growing Generational Prosperity

Through generous supporters like you sponsoring children, more life-changing opportunities like Leonard’s can happen. Leonard’s promising new career not only supports his family, but is an example to his siblings that follow after him. He is hands-on in their studies, helping them with homework and encouraging them to finish school and get jobs of their own.

Between our child sponsors and Leonard’s tireless devotion, his life was transformed as well as the lives of his brothers and sisters as they strive to flourish and reach their God-given potential.

Leonard with his family.
Leonard with his family.

“Maybe I will be their driver or mechanic someday,” Leonard laughed, sharing his hopeful aspirations for his siblings. “Life is no longer the same after FH. I believe transformation is a journey, and FH has given us the tools to make our journey a success.”


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