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Livelihoods Child Focused Community Transformation (CFCT) Program

Miraculous Life-change Happening in Bangladesh, One Family at a Time

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WRITTEN BY FH Bangladesh

Momtaz and her family were used to life being a struggle. The Bangladeshi family dealt with unpredictable income, limited access to clean water and sanitary toilets. They lived in constant fear of not being able to afford basic needs — like healthcare, education, and food. But that changed when their community began working with Food for the Hungry (FH) to leverage relationships with local leaders, churches, and partnerships donors like you help make possible.

That investment was life-changing for Momtaz’ family — strengthening their entire community, and thanks to Child Sponsorship, giving them the opportunity to build resilience to flourish and reach their God-given potential.

In Need of a Miracle

Momtaz lives with her husband and two daughters, ages 14 and 7, in Fakirpara village, Godagari, under the Rajshahi district of Bangladesh. Life was incredibly difficult with many hardships. Early marriage, religious superstitions, migration trends, a low education rate, and limited acceptance of women working or participating in activities, were common in the village. Momtaz’ husband, Shamim, was a day laborer with unpredictable income — earning an average of 6500 BDT ($60) per month. With so little income, the family struggled to keep up with their daily expenses. Things like education, nutritious meals, and basic healthcare were not guaranteed and Momtaz never knew if there would be enough money to ensure the needs of her family were met.

The family’s two-room mud house lacked a sanitary toilet. Their best option was an open latrine beside a pond. It was far from an ideal situation — bathroom trips at night were not only inconvenient but dangerous. The family’s access to clean drinking water was also limited. The sources they collected water from were contaminated and frequently led to illness. Overall, the family’s life was incredibly difficult. They knew they needed a miracle.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

With so much struggle, Momtaz and her family were open to opportunities that could change their lives for the better. In late 2016, their opportunity arrived. That is when the generosity of donors and sponsors made it possible for FH to begin working in their community. FH led various programs focused on community development and started working with the village to find solutions to address their greatest needs.

“Prior to FH’s involvement in our community, my family and I struggled with irregular income, making it challenging to meet our basic needs,” Momtaz shares. “Since FH, our financial situation has improved significantly.”

In January 2017, Momtaz’s eldest daughter, Rahima, became part of FH Child Sponsorship. This support enabled her to participate in FH Child Club meetings, drawing and essay writing competitions, development programs and Christmas celebrations. She also received educational materials like school bags, pens, and notebooks, which made it much easier for the family to afford education. The skills and experiences Rahima gained are leading to a brighter future that would not have been possible without sponsorship support.

“My daughter has learned important values from the Child Club meetings,” Momtaz explains.

Livelihoods - Child Focused Community Transformation
Momtaz helping her daughters with their schoolwork.

In February 2022, Momtaz began working with the Vorosa Female Saving Group, an FH program that donors help make possible to strengthen communities. As part of the group, she gained valuable knowledge about health, sanitation, law, education, and more.

In March 2023, this support helped Shamim start his own rickshaw business, which has enabled him to significantly increase his monthly earnings and improve their quality of living. Now, with consistent earnings of BDT 13000 to 15000 monthly ($120 to $135), they can afford regular meals and support their daughters’ education. This is the life-changing impact investing in Child Sponsorship and Strengthen Communities makes possible!

“With our increased family income and the establishment of a permanent source of livelihood, we are more financially secure,” Momtaz shares. “There has also been a notable increase in our social and religious awareness, leading to a better understanding of social dignity and the eradication of religious superstitions. Furthermore, the educational opportunities available for our children have expanded, ensuring they have access to quality education. I’ve noticed many positive changes since getting involved with FH.”

Livelihoods Child Focused Community Transformation (CFCT) Program
Shamim and his family with the rickshaw that helped start his business.

Hope for the Future

Thanks to our collaborative approach and the support of generous donors like you, Momtaz and her family have overcome many challenges and celebrate the strengthening of their community. The family can enjoy regular healthy meals, access to healthcare, and an overall better quality of life. In addition, child sponsorship helped Rahima’s education. Her parents are supportive, and they can now see the full value of their daughters’ education. The family even has access to clean water, and their home has a sanitary toilet thanks to the knowledge and skills Momtaz learned at the Vorosa Female Saving Group.

Momtaz and her family now have hope for the future.

Momtaz’s family is just one of many in the community that have experienced true transformation. The people in this Bangladesh community have become resilient and now enjoy a better quality of life. Through the support of donors like you and our collaborative approach, poverty in the community has decreased, and families have more access to education and economic opportunities. Now the people of this community have the agency and resources to overcome the challenges of poverty so they can flourish and reach their God-given potential.

“Support from FH has provided us with a stable source of income,” Momtaz says. “As a result, my daughters can continue their studies without interruption, and I have been able to develop my leadership skills. Moreover, my faith in God has grown stronger, and I am now more dedicated to my prayers, finding solace in my spiritual beliefs. FH’s presence has not only positively impacted our economic stability but has also increased our social and spiritual awareness. For these blessings, I am deeply grateful to FH.”

You Can Help More Communities like Momtaz’

We can continue to make a difference — and transform more children, families and communities like Momtaz’ — but we need your help.

Through Child Sponsorship, you can enable children to help their families break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. When you give to Strengthen Communities, you play an important role in addressing the root causes of poverty. Together, we can help ensure that no family has to live without basic needs that every human should have access to.

As Christ’s followers, we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. When you partner with FH, it’s an opportunity to live out your faith and be an active part of the solution to end poverty, injustice and marginalization, so more families like Momtaz can experience miraculous life transformation.


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