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Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Provide support for those who are fleeing violence by offering them emergency health, shelter, and educational services.

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Provide a community with the tools they need to maintain their water pumps.

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Provide Bibles and other classroom supplies for Sunday School teachers.

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Help a family have access to clean water by protecting springs.

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Provide additional income and health for a family through access to clean water.

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Provide medical care for vulnerable children suffering from severe illnesses.

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Equip a health center to provide over 40,000 people with access to health care.

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Provide a vulnerable community with access to emergency health care.

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Provide a vulnerable family protection from malaria with a mosquito net.

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Provide hygiene products for girls to help keep them in school.

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Help next generation of church and community leaders with values training.

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Employer Match Donations

You could double the impact of your dollars by taking advantage of these common workplace giving programs.

Planned Giving

Help to end poverty with your wills, trusts, business interests, gift annuities, and/or retirement plans.

Donor Advised Funds

Create a lasting legacy, build a culture of generosity within your family, and fund the work of Food for the Hungry around the globe.

Non-Cash Giving

Fundraising does not begin and end with cold hard cash. You could be using your assets to end poverty in the hardest places.

Cars to Charity

The donation of your unwanted car, truck, RV, boat, golf cart, motorcycle, or heavy equipment could provide life-changing resources for vulnerable families.


Champions by FH is a collective of athletes who strive to impact the world beyond their sport and seeing extreme poverty END around the world.