We have worked since 1971 to serve the most vulnerable people on earth through purposeful relief and development. Our methodology is informed by our Christian beliefs that every person has intrinsic value and that it is our responsibility to advocate for the poor and the marginalized.

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Children are a barometer for a community’s success and well-being.

We believe that when communities are trained and equipped to care for their most vulnerable, the entire community is lifted and poverty can be overcome. We serve communities like Galgallo’s through life-changing resources such as clean water, medical aid, food, equal educational opportunities to girls and boys, vocational training and empowerment in the midst of unimaginable hardships.

This is Galgallo

Galgallo lives in Kenya with his mother and five siblings. Before FH entered his community, there wasn’t an adequate school and children were left vulnerable. Thanks to FH, his community is thriving.

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It’s not OK that failed crops, natural disasters and generations of inadequate farming practices are keeping communities from thriving when many rely on abundant harvests to support their families. FH works with local experts to support and train farmers in best practices for agricultural success. By implementing new techniques, communities are able to successfully grow enough produce and raise enough livestock to feed their families as well as earn additional income by selling the excess at the marketplace.

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It’s not OK that children are dying from preventable diseases. It’s not OK that families are spending their entire income on medical services or that access to quality healthcare is limited where they live. FH works with communities to restore physical health in children and families through training and educational workshops, by providing access to treatment and clean water sources as well as assisting families in implementing preventative measures to keep children healthy and safe.

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It’s not OK that children are forced to remain in extreme poverty because they lack access to education. It’s not OK that a boy’s education is valued over a girl’s and that students are kept from school because their families can’t afford their tuition fees or uniforms. FH helps to rebuild educational foundations in vulnerable communities through the provision of classrooms, dormitories, school supplies, uniforms, books, and other items essential to creating a valuable learning environment.

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It’s not OK that failing infrastructures and inadequate jobs keep vulnerable people in the generational cycle of poverty. FH works with local markets and economies to help restore communities by empowering them through vocational opportunities, training, and other sustainable and long-term solutions. FH also works with many communities to establish savings groups that enable families to save and borrow money to open a new business or improve their living conditions.

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Spiritual Development

It’s not OK that entire communities lack a biblical worldview that crushes them under the weight of debilitating social issues and keeps them isolated from the hope they desperately need to seek out their God-given potential. FH works with communities to bring the love of Jesus in a culturally appropriate way by walking with families and students in relationship. FH trainings through community centers, after-school clubs and in home groups shift worldviews, help diminish violence against children and connect people to God’s love in profound ways.

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Disaster Response

It’s not OK that when an unforeseen disaster strikes, people living in extreme poverty are the ones who suffer most. They’re faced with unimaginable hardships, are left without the resources they need to rebuild their communities and often struggle for basic needs such as food and water. FH works with local governments, other NGO’s, and our exceptional emergency response team to bring restoration and hope to those affected by natural disasters or living amidst violence, war, famine and other crisis situations.

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