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Loving God, Serving Others


Josefina is a married mother of two children. The family lives in the Malasugui community in the Philippines. Not long ago, she was extremely introverted with no relationships outside of her home, where she lives with her husband, John, and two teenage children. “Although I lived in Malasugui for six years, I did not know […]

Thank you for your partnership with Food for the Hungry (FH)

Thank you for joining us on this mission to end all forms of human poverty. Whether you’re a child sponsor, a supporter lifting FH up in prayer, or a first time donor: thank you!  You are transforming the lives of the most vulnerable around the world. Together, we are responding to God’s call to […]

Special Video Messages for FH Sponsors

Video is one of the best ways to see first-hand how your sponsorship is making an impact in your sponsored child’s life and in their community! That’s why we’re excited to share video updates from each country where Food for the Hungry has child sponsorship. Your Support Has a Global Impact FH child sponsors are […]

How Handwashing Stations Kept Mothers and Babies in Kenya Healthy in 2020

Keeping Communities Healthy in 2020 In 2020, Food for the Hungry (FH) staff, supporters, and communities around the world quickly and nimbly adapted our programs. FH worked at global, country, and local levels to effectively respond to the challenges of COVID-19. The core of FH’s mission has always been responding where needed most. FH’s supporters […]

Celebrating the Impact of FH’s Partnerships in 2020

the bauchiero family meets moises and his family

Partnerships that Sustain Impact for the Long-Term At Food for the Hungry (FH), we know that we cannot accomplish our mission of ending all forms of human poverty without the help of our generous supporters. Working together, FH and our partners grow resilience in the communities we serve. And we are so grateful for these […]

A Fresh Perspective on World Water Day

I think over the past year, it’s safe to say that, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has recognized more than ever the importance and need for clean water. But that recognition still doesn’t mean that everyone has access to clean water. According to water.org, 1 in 9 people –or 785 million […]

Four Social Causes that Leaders in Christian Media Care About

No back to school for millions of children worldwide

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and wondered about the story behind it? Or have you attended a conference and listed to a powerful message about justice? Most leaders in Christian media write songs or articles that connect directly to their faith. They speak on issues close to their hearts, and write […]

5 Daily Devotionals to Draw Closer to God

Personally, I experience great joy when I’m intentional in choosing to spend time with God on a daily basis through devotionals. Last year, I read the Bible in a year, using the Discipleship Journal Reading Plan for daily readings in both the Old and New Testaments. I found this daily spiritual practice to be so […]

Choosing to Challenge Gender Inequality this International Women’s Day

In 2021, the world is still working to emerge from the global COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has threatened the livelihoods of millions, and organizations like Food for the Hungry (FH) must keep the most vulnerable people in mind. We know that, as the pandemic threatens years of progress toward ending poverty, inequity is growing. In […]

Deworming Tablets Help 11 Year Old Thrive: Dodos’ Story

Young Boy in Burundi Smiling

Meet Dodos In the community of Kiyonza, in Burundi, an 11-year-old boy named Dodos lives with his mother, father, and five sisters. They are a vibrant family. Dodos loves to run, laugh, and play with his sisters. The children are healthy and strong. They attend school regularly. And Dodos’ parents are saving their money and […]

You are about to embark on a new FH Donor Experience

If you need assistance, please contact us at donorhelp@fh.org or 866-307-3259.

Gift Policy:
You may send small, flat paper-based items that can fit into a standard #10 size envelope, have a value of less than $5 dollars and weigh less than 4 ounces. We ask that you send small, flat items of this size because shipping is expensive and even small gift items can cause issues clearing customs.
You can send postcards or photographs, however, we ask that you visit here for more details about culturally appropriate guidelines for photos and other images. Please write the child’s ID # on the back of each item that you enclose with your letter to ensure that it reaches him/her.
Best gifts to send your sponsored child:
  • Paper dolls
  • Postcards
  • Pictures of yourself or family
  • Sports cards, individual cards (baseball, soccer, football)
  • Stickers (flat, paper-based, only a few at a time)
  • Paper-based simple bookmarks, stationery, drawing, or writing paper (single sheets)
  • Coloring pages (single sheets, not books)
  • Please do NOT send:
  • Monetary gifts
  • Liquids, candy, or food
  • Batteries or magnets
Please note, all items should be compliant with airline transport and safety regulations. Gifts that don’t meet the gift policy will be donated to a local Christian non-profit organization in Phoenix, Arizona, that works with low-income families. We will not be able to return them.