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Celebrating Our Global Impact: How We Transformed Lives Together in 2023

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WRITTEN BY Abby Ryckman

We are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for the impact we made together in 2023. Food for the Hungry (FH) supporters empowered vulnerable families and communities around the world, making a true difference. 

Nearly 10 million people in 18 countries were reached in 2023 through FH programs.

Let’s celebrate that impact together! Some highlights are …

$ 0
in assets were created and invested
young women and mothers have improved nutrition
parents, caregivers, and teachers were trained
agents to reduce discrimination and violence toward women
benefited from water, sanitation, and hygiene programs
community leaders implemented disaster preparedness plans
Increased Income and Improved Food Security

$14 million in assets were created and invested in community savings groups. These groups facilitated by FH focus on teaching families income-generating activities and money management. These savings groups mean families have what they need to care for their children. They can support their children’s education, provide nutritious meals, access medical care, and more.

Children Growing Up Healthy

538,036 young women and mothers have improved nutrition behaviors. For example, mothers are cooking more nutritious meals for their families so children grow up healthy. When mothers are equipped to better care for their children and families, there is a ripple effect of positive change within communities.

Higher Quality Childhood Education

119,728 parents, caregivers, and teachers were trained to increase children’s school readiness and improve their literacy and numeracy skills. Education is key to breaking the generational cycle of poverty. We celebrate the children and future generations who this transformation will impact!

Promoting Gender Dignity and Child Protection

40,318 community change agents to reduce discrimination and violence toward women. Women in poverty are especially vulnerable. With community change agents advocating for them, they are more protected, have better educational opportunities, and have more income-generating options. Change agents systematically shift how their community views and treats women.

More Clean Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Access

719,957 people benefited from FH-managed water, sanitation, and hygiene programs. Access to clean water ensures families have what they need to flourish. Improved sanitation and hygiene reduce sickness in children and adults, lowering medical expenses and helping children stay in school.

Prepared for Disaster and Risks

28,764 community leaders implemented disaster preparedness plans. Local communities play a central role in reducing vulnerabilities to disasters. Communities are equipped with a plan and resources to prevent disasters or recover with resilience after a disaster.

Transformed Community and Church Leaders

70,320 transformed community and church leaders who are equipped to lead the transformation journey of their communities. They know their communities best and will continue leading them even after FH has completed work there.

Together, we make life-changing impact!

These incredible highlights were made possible thanks to FH’s caring supporters. Together we reached nearly 10 million people around the world, giving hope to children and strengthening communities. Through the part you play by giving, praying, or volunteering, you are part of the impact in 2023, thank you!


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