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Gift Guide For Her—That Gives Back!

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WRITTEN BY Chellsea Fort

The holiday season is upon us! This time of year has many of us planning the special ways we can connect with our loved ones whether through gifts or time to celebrate the season. If you are on the lookout for some meaningful activities or devotionals, you can find many options on our website by clicking here. Keep reading if you are in need of some gift ideas for the special lady in your life!

Gardening gift ideas for her
Personalized Garden Tote from Personalization Mall ($44.99), Vegetable Seeds from Food for the Hungry’s Gift Catalog ($29)

The Gardener

When you hear the phrase “green thumb”, who is the woman in your life that comes to mind? It’s the lady who knows the growing seasons and the tips and tricks to keeping away the pests! Her hobby is nurturing her garden and sharing in the harvests. A gift that celebrates her talent with greens is a personalized garden tote from Personalization Mall. Make it a gift that keeps on giving by adding vegetable seeds from Food for the Hungry’s Gift Catalog.

The purchase of vegetable seeds from FH’s gift catalog provides seeds to a vulnerable family around the world. These seeds provide a sustainable source of nutritious food to help families combat malnutrition. That is not all it does! A surplus in the harvest can also be sold at the market for additional income for other household needs. When the gardener in your life reaches for her personalized tote, it will serve as a reminder that someone across the globe shares her passion and is able to have a garden of their own, thanks to the seeds you provided in her honor.

Reading gift ideas for her
Cozy Reading Socks from SewingbyBrooke ($24.66), Storybooks from Food for the Hungry’s Gift Catalog ($3.00)

The Reader

Who is the woman in your life who dreams of having a real-life version of the library from Beauty and the Beast? She has read the classics (and about everything else) and is always on the lookout for a new literary find. This is the gift for her! These cozy socks from the Etsy shop SewingbyBrooke coupled with a book she loves are the makings for a perfect afternoon.

Purchase storybooks or a Bible in her honor to add even more impact to your gift! Storybooks are helpful tools for children. Kids are able to practice their reading skills through engaging stories and develop a love for learning. Each purchase of a Bible through our catalog gives the gift of God’s Word translated into the recipient’s language. This makes it easier to read and understand the Bible for themselves. Imagine her delight knowing someone in another country is indulging in a good book or The Good Book, because of your gift.

Chef gift ideas for her
World Traveler Spice Blends from uncommongoods ($36.00), Emergency Food for One Month from Food for the Hungry’s Gift Catalog ($42.00)

The Chef

You know her, the one who cooks like she should have a restaurant of her own! Her dishes are comforting and flavorful and new ingredients spark inspiration for more delicious creations. The gift of World Traveler Spice Blends from uncommongoods will definitely be a fun new source of creativity for her meals. We can all appreciate a good meal and ready access to food. However, the chef in your life knows the ins and outs of how food has the power to cultivate community and provide the essential ingredients for good health.

You can bulk up her spice cabinet and also add on the meaningful gift of emergency food from our gift catalog. Emergency food provides nutritional support to a family in a hunger crisis for one month. This gift includes staple foods like wheat, beans, and cooking oil. As she whips up a new dish with her global spices to fill some hungry bellies, she will know that a family in a crisis situation is able to fill their bellies as well.

Amateur botanist gift ideas for her
Plant from The Sill (variable pricing), Tree Seedlings from Food for the Hungry’s Gift Catalog ($8.00)

The Amateur Botanist

This idea is for the lady who proudly wears her “Plant Mom” t-shirt on a regular basis. The one with the freshest air in town at her place as a result of her many plants. At this point, it is safe to call it a collection. This season you can add to her collection and her joy with a plant from The Sill! They have a wide variety of plants and pots to choose from and will ship it right to your plant lover’s door.

In addition to a new plant to call her own, you can purchase tree seedlings in her honor for a family in need across the world. These tree seedlings will provide nutritious food like bananas, papayas, apples, mangoes, and cashews. The produce from the trees help fight malnutrition as well as create a source of income through the sale of abundant harvests.

Gifts for the woman who has it all
Example of Airbnb Experience (variable pricing), Where Needed Most from Food for the Hungry’s Gift Catalog (variable pricing)

The One That Has It All

Sometimes the best gift to give is quality time. This idea is for the lady who would appreciate some time booked on her calendar rather than a physical gift. You can turn your quality time into a fun experience by checking out Airbnb Experiences for activities near you!

Our gift catalog has just the right add-on for someone who is flexible in their interests: the Where Needed Most fund. Any financial gift given to this category allows FH to distribute funds where they are needed the most. If you are interested in other impactful gift ideas to benefit vulnerable families around the globe, you can check out our entire gift catalog online by clicking here.

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