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Children are the most vulnerable when violence, famine, or disaster strikes. But you can be there for them with your additional pledge of $25 per month!

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Haiti Earthquake: You Made Our Response and Recovery Possible

Devastation and mourning were everywhere when teams from Food for the Hungry (FH) braved rough roads to reach the disaster zone in southern Haiti. The nightmare scene was the aftermath of a 7.2-magnitude earthquake. And tropical storm Grace followed almost immediately.

But today, the world looks very different for Haiti’s children, families, and communities. And that’s a direct result of your prayers and generous support.

Our work together in Haiti is not finished yet. Rebuilding and restoration after even one major disaster takes a long time – years, not months. But when two disasters arrive back-to-back, the task is almost unimaginable.

Yet in this relatively short time, your generosity has already made a real and tangible difference in the lives of those impacted by the Haiti earthquake. As a result, these communities are alive with new hope for the future.

Here are updates revealing how your generosity has lifted up families and those communities hit the hardest:

Providing clean water as the team works to repair the community water system, with help from FH partner Water Mission.

Clean Water Restored

It’s difficult to describe the impact this earthquake had on the 1.5 million people living in the affected area. Essential infrastructure and systems, including those that supply water to communities, were damaged or destroyed.

For instance, in the community of Chardonnières, your support has helped to provide temporary water solutions for families while FH works to repair the damaged permanent system. This alone is giving more than 7,000 people access to clean water.

In collaboration with other partners in the field,  FH is in the process of repairing water systems in three additional affected communities: Maniche, St. Jean du Sud, and Les Cayes. Upon completion, these projects will restore access to clean drinking water for more than 27,000 people. This has been made possible through your support.

“I thank FH and the water mission for working together to restore clean water for our community. It will serve thousands of people.” —Lamour Jean Mares, Haiti

Seed distribution assists families in rebuilding their livelihoods after the earthquake.

Seeds Provided, Training Received

In addition to homes and community infrastructure, the Haiti earthquake also destroyed farms and livelihoods. In light of the area’s extreme poverty and food insecurity even before the disasters, families urgently needed to quickly recover their livelihoods.

Your strong support made it possible for FH to deliver local varieties of bean seeds to 906 farmers in time for this planting season. FH delivered training along with the seeds, teaching proven strategies for high-yield production. This will empower farming families to quickly produce large harvests.

Baby Care Kits Distributed

When disasters strike, babies and children often suffer the most. They’re vulnerable not only to the immediate impact of the hurricane and tropical storm, but also the long-term impact on food, clean water, hygiene, and other basics.

This is why FH quickly began distributing baby care kits to families devastated by the Haiti earthquake. These kits, made possible by your generosity, include essential items like laundry detergent, soap, towels, clothing, blankets, socks, and more.

So far, 823 baby care kits have been distributed to children and families who need them most. And the response has been tremendous. Many parents have expressed enormous gratitude for what you’ve provided, saying that the items included in the kits far exceeded their expectations.

Hope Restored

Your prayers and generosity have made – and continue to make – a life-changing impact in the wake of the 2021 Haiti earthquake.

You were among the first on the ground there providing emergency relief with FH, and you’re still there aiding in the recovery and rebuilding process. You’re walking with children and families in their suffering and lifting them up to the hope of a brighter future.

And, perhaps most beautiful of all, God is working through you to turn their “mourning into dancing” (Psalm 30:11). Thank you!

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